Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

fered to make Mofis a great man, and to raife up to hima glo;;: rious pofierity,butMofes refufed it; Thus what Tullj faid in aRhetoricall firain, ne immortalitattmqNidtm contra rempuh· licnm accipere, ,Mr{es did indeed, if we take immortality for acontinua!I, lafting poftericy. lt was this upright heart that did fo abundantly comfort Job, that be was an upright man, thougli his friends did endeavour to.fhake his very founda· tions,Job z8. I 4·, Hath <God then betrufied thee with publike employments, if thy heart be without guile, thou wilt faith– fully difcharge it for thofe holy and jnfi ends God doth re· quire, and not be ab~ve oth~rs, as ~himneys above other, partsof the houfc, wh~eh recetvc nothmg but fmoky vapouu. S. An Hutrt WithDHt Guile, u very carefHII that it doth not10 • Mk! from the glory ofGod, ~tndattribHte any thing to'itfelf. For Is careful! ro feeing the matter, wherein the guile of our hearts doth mani- amibure all ro fefl it felf,ii:our felves, felf-love, felf·Aattery,feJf. grcatnelfe, the_glory _of felf-honours,&c. The more fingle and upright the heart is, Go\:- et the more carefull it is to deny that, and mortifie that : Hence ~~~e~f.1 (elf-denying is ,made the fundamentall qualification of every difciple of ChriR: ; aword eafily fpoken, but awork very diffi· cultlype-tform~d; cej{et volunttUpropri11 & nonardehit gehen· na,its Self tll'at kindles all the fire in hell. Now you fhall fee how fpirits without guile ,have alwayes defired to e,xaJt God, , _and to debafe themfelves; When the people would have ta• ken rohn for ~brill, yea when his own Difciples began with fome envy to repine at Cbrift and the cfieem he had, fee how graciouOy he allayeth their fpirit5, I muft decrM[e, 6m he muft· incre11[e, J9h•3·3o. and therefore John proclaimed Chrifi to be fo farre above him, thAt he W.u lfOt ~orthy -~o. unty hu {hooe– latchet: I know nothing wherein hearts without guile can · more fhew their fincerity, then to have their own glory, abi-– .Jicies, and worth edipfed, that all may be given to God ; tO· have all like the Starres, that.do not appear when the Sunne arifeth. As [oah fent toDa11idto come to him, that lle might, have the glory in taking o{Rabh'ah, left it fuould be calledaf· t:er 1oahs name ifhereduced it. Paut fbewed his plain and up... right heart in this alfo, when he faid, _Let, no 11111n think..ofm above ~h11t. h1 oug_ht Jo thinft, ! ~()f~4-~~· Alas,_howmany / grcatc