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8o . of Ufrightneffo ofF1ettrt :. or great DoCl:ors and Teachers have defired the clean contrary of their Difciples, to thiak above what is meet of them ? as· the Donatifis would fwear,percaput Doi4ati, making him iike a God. But Paulwas afraid offuch outward applaufe: efpe· _dally this heart without guile is feen, when we can rejoyce to fee the work of God go on, and his name be eniced, though we be not his infiruments,yea though others do it,that will ob· fcure and overtop our glory: Oh this many times doth touch to ~he very quick, when others fuall have all the efteem and all the glory,and thou be laid afide. But how fincere wasPaut in this ! He rcjoJced thi!tt Chrift W.u preached, thot1gh men did it tJut 9fcontentirm and envy againfl him... ,Phi!. I. And he tells the Corinthianr, that he defireth they might be prcfi~vcd fto»t.J all finnet though he W.u accrmntcd .u a reprobate, 2. Cor. Ij· Though he loll: all his glory, and the f~tlfe Apoate were .the only men admired : Oh then fee, whether our hearts be free from envy,emulation, and repinings at the gifts, abilities, and graces of others, who do promote the work of God, when thou art laid afide as of no account. I I. 6. AJPirit Without Guile, doth not only attend to tho[e things It attends to that arc g!oriom And of credit in the profcjfian offaith, but What tho[e duties duticrttl}o arc ofgrevrt contempt and deba{tment in the eyes ofthe that are con- World. Chri£1: forefaw the fcorn and reproach which would temne1 ~Y accompmy the powerfull obedience unto his ,Gofpel, and :;~dd a~ ,~ell therefore he forewarncth them agtinfl: fuch prejudices,Blej{ed ,as to tho[e tlm i.1 he that u not offended at me, M:tt. I 1.6. dlnd WhfJfoever (b"ll he are in credit. 11jhamed ofme, of him Will my hMvcnly[.ether be a/hamed before hi& holy Angels. -Yet there were fome things .that had an out· ward glor1 in Chrifis way, vi;:., to work miracles ; this made a multitude of people run after the Difciples admir-ing at them : now fee how this ·did affect: Simon M~tgm his proud heart, and therefore he would h;~ve gJ:?en money to have o6· tAincd thegift of the holy Gh~ft M well fU oehcrs: now fee with what defiance and indi_2nation Pcter fpeaks to him, Thy money perifoWith thee, I perceive th) heoert i.1 not right 1\Jithin thee,Aeh S.a r. This is to my purpofe, becaufe he put himfel£ into the number of beleevers, and yet his whole aim was to have fuch . great wonderfull abilities to work miracles, that all the world - lhould