Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

'Ihe"I-! tart without GuUt...J·.· this diffi~u!ation. Here you fee emin(nt and~dlymen car~ t"' . ried into a way of guile and diffimulation, meerl:ffronn!far:"'' 11all fear to offendmen. . 4· Which is a Confe~ary from the ferrrer: Ecc~ufe I). the fincere man fafteneth hrs eye uponGod, thertfl)re he u a& And isca-r.efull cllrefull to f!Void fecret fins M publik!, and hrart-jins M \\'ell M to av-oid fecl.et bodily. The thoughts of the righteous are righr,but the coun- fin~/s well a.s · fels of the wicked are dcceit/aitb Sol6men. Their thoughts are &ud _lkeft and upright,Prov.Il'.5· Ohitsanl,leargumentofafpiritwithout 0 1 Yws. g.Qile, when a mans fccret thoughts,affecrions and intentions, iirch as th~ world can take no notice of, are holy and godly: when not onJy a mans fecond thoughts, but hi5 firH:; all 'his ' thoughts go direttly up to Heaven: Ha'W_long /hall vain · th'oughts IBdge Within t~e.e? faith the Pi:ophet,Jer+I + Ottt of iheheart proceed e77il thoughts,faith our Saviour,UWatth. I 5. I 9· and many other finncs, whereofguile is infianced in, as one; therefore he did purpofely fet upon this, i:O reClifie that guilefull principle the Pharifecs went bv, who thought the \\•wfoing of the outjide was enough, but never did cleanfl the injide. · But David,Pfal,; r, did by experience finde, tbat all painting and fair outfides were nothing, Thou dejircft truth. in the inwardparts. Be not then a raveningwolfe within, a rotten fe· pulcher, a lodge or nefi of ·unclean thoughts and affeCtions; ~ he whofe fpirit is right,fettetb firfi all right within, and from thence proceeds.anoutward reformation: fo for fecret finnes, a true I{raelite in \\?bom is noguile, dareth not run into fecret wayes of wickedneffe, thinking, th'at bc'caufe God knowerh · "h.im,and God beholdeth him, its more then ifmen andAngds· did fee him:The Apofile fpeaketh of fome,that it was a fharne to fpeak of what was: done in fecret j and certainly the tim-·– ber in the houfe, and the ftonu ofthe wall will oneday wit- · neffe ~gainft many fecret praelifes of impiety. Our Saviour . when he bids them take heed of the Pharifees leaven, their . hypocrifie,Lu~II. he addeth that vigorous and ibrtling rea– fon; For there u n-othingfecret 'P.'hicle /h?t!l not be laidopen, and what u JPok..en inpriV(itf .foali be heard 074 the houfe top. Why then I doeft thou thus lye to God,and endeavour to mock him? who would think by thy ou._tward behaviour, that thou art the··~ , M 3 _man; .