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, ' i I Of u;rightni/Jt .Df Htttrt: or·. ·+ Thus if in thy converfation here inthis'worJd, thou Jookup· fiedfafily to Heaven, to Gods will, to Gods glory, thy wayes · will b.t u_11iforin, thou wilt be the fame even in variety ofcon– dition's; and to have an holy imitation of-God, to have no chiwge·in thee : .but if rhou.l<:>ok down to the world, fo as to beaffectea with-their good reports or bad reports, their fawn– ings_or their frowns, . this wilL make c~ooked parhcs, Thus 2.Thc[.2. Paul when he had affirmed h1s wayofexhortation to be without guile, he giverh you a figne ofthis, becaufe he did iwt walk, if4, om plea}ing men, bHtGod. Arid Gal.I. If l fholfld ple~tfe men, viz. finfully, in humouring of them in their fins,ll\?ere notthe[trvant .ofChrift. And then for the cenfures' and reproaches of the world,ICor.4·4· fee-what he f:licb, ltf a very[mall mattc.r for me tobe iudgedby mans judgement. Dent. 34· Its fpoken of the great commendation of Dtvies faithful· ndfe, That he did not,know his father-Or mother, he did not acknowledge any carnal! ~elations in doing of Gods will, in executing jufiice upon Idolaters. As then orp9a.r.p.odl~r..ffa)eyefcrvice is a fign of a guilfull heart in a fervant; fo to do the · - will of God,mccrly becaufe ofmen: were it not for rncn,thon . dMfi not care for fantlifyiog the Sabbath, for bearing the word, for a godly demeanour in thy outward man; oh this is a figne .thy heart is not right within thee. That i~juncli'on which God iave to_Auraham isremarkable, Walk.. before me ~tnd beperfirt, GeJ).I7·I. We are fo to walk as having God al– wayes before our eyes, and a concomitant of this, is fil'lcerity and uprigbcneffe ofheart. Oh then confider, Is God alwayes before. thy eyes ? itis not what men fay,what the world dotb·, . t but ll:iiJ thy eye is upon God, this is comfortable. Paul com– pares our Chrifiian converfacion to runniag in a race; now be .that runneth ina race, regards not the acclamations ofthe L • fpeclators, but all his care is, how the mafier of the game will. • - ap'prove of him. Oh this finfull condefcenfion, either becaufe ·' ofhopes or fears in the W-Orld, bath turned many aman into crooked pathes; fee what fad influence it had upon Peter, l1e for fear of acarnaUdifpleafitJg of the Je1N, did not ~fOomJ\/iv, . Gal. I. w~lk fireightly and dirccfHy as he ihould do; info– mu<:h that by his example B11rn((.btU was carried away alfo to · - ili~