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The H~art with~t# Guile...;~ promijforJ Oathes, an heart Without guile is carefull tO keo\) them though to his own hurt, P[at.xs. and it was part oft~e Pharifees hypocrifie, by fubtle arguments to elude _the~r O.tthes: He then that is without guile bath veracitymhts. affed:ions,and verity in his pr,omjfes. r "· A r;pirit Without Guile, uhe, .that in all cfmtriitilJ andb~trbh, 1 9•h , 11 h F ·1 A ·orret · ta gaim, a6horrct'h to overreach or defraudan) ot er man. orgut e . each in and deceit is as much feen. in bu¥igg and. felling, in ear~bly b;r~~iningand contracts and.humane affatrs, as m any thmg ;, but a gractotu felling,~"· heart lovcth plainneffe and true hondly; and ind-eed it is a flume to aChriftian,chat his Word fhould not be as inviolabl~ as an 0.1tb, Chri.ftian.t~ fides,fhould furpalfe Roman11fides: The Apofile forbids all fuch deceitfull and guilefull purloyning of echers, 1 Thef[.4 6. and- what a terrible argument doth he · adde., The Lord u ave~eroffur;k: Thou thinkefi to thrive and profpe11 by fuch deceicfull wayes, but God will avenge thee,or thy poft~ricy afcerchee, and fee what weight .be puts in this matter, tU We have forewarned and teftified. .The Apoftle was zealous and earncfi in it; and no doubt this.was, becaufe they thought if they could overreach,and the world not finde it out,or queO:ion him for it,all was well enough. · V[e of Exhortation: This is the third time, that we prelfe this duty ofa finyere heart u.pon you, both towards God and towards man, we might think that this word.might be efia~ blifhed by the mouthes as it were of three witnelfes. Certaia– ly there is no fuch comely and proper thing for a Chrifiian, . as a guilelcffe fpirit; to be within and without the fame, for whofe copy fhould ' we write after, but Chrifi our Lord and Mallcr?now the Scripture faith, there W.u no g1tile found in hiJ mouth,no nor in his heart neither. How truly and fincerely d!d he love us? What ends and advantages could he have in endu· ring all that mifery for us as he did ? Its plain, it was us and not ours he fought, and-fuould not we much rather return foco-him? efp~cially c.onfidering we have(not fu(:h majefiy, · and fuch a lulheof Derty to by alide for a while for his fake, : as he did for ours. A!as,what is our wealeh, our liberty, our lives{ to that glorious majefiy which yec he voluntarily laid a!ide, and beeam~ in theform rl11 fe!vant, When it Would have ~ betn ) -. , ·