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Motives er cncourage– m~nuto Up· tightncffe. _ I. .Iu the only pe~feltion Gods Spirit work$ us into in this life. "' of Uprightneffe of He4rt :· or been no-rohbery to beequall WithGod: _LetusthentakeChrifl for an example, let us have fuch finccre and upright hearts, as was found in him: and th:at he might the more fafien this upon us he once cook a little childe and fct him ill the rnidii: of otherf, faying, Vnle{[e aman become likg thu little childe,hc can· nor be my Difciple; by that example forbidding craft, dcc-cic and malice. ~~~~a~~~~~~~~,~~~~ SERM. ·xi. rS'v!·oti1Jesand Encouragements to Vp-– rightnejfe ·andSincerity• . Ps-AL.32.z. t.And in whoft (}irit there unoGuilu•. I Shall _ac this time conclude this_text, refe_rving what other prachcall matter rdateth to re, to the1r proper fie textf : and the work that remainetb, is to confider thofe encourage· mcnts that the Scripture givcth .co uprightndfe, or to a guile. leffe heart : .and certainly if we diligently meditate on them, we lhall fee that fincerity is ' indeed a tree of knowledge, they are onely wife th~c walk by her rules; and it is alfo a tree of life, for they only live and are happy, wh·o walk accordingly. And firft this may abundantly provoke eo it,Th~tt thm farre only the Spirit of God doth em1hle m to k_tep hi.J Comman'dements in this life. Its truth, not pcrfed:ion tn ar:1y duty tbat we c.an attain unto ; _the Law is iodeed an cxadand accurate rule, binding of us to fuc.h ho!ineffe, that by our default -its impoffible for us to do; Therefore that affirmative com– mand of loving God .With the 'Whole heart, minde, [oul11n~ fl.rength,; as alfQ tbat .negative, Thou.fh~tlt not lujf, a.re never · ·· fulfilled