Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

-of vprightneffi of11t4rt : or hypocrites: To what purpofe arc thcr rimltitud(or tbcirdn; ties? What doth God regard their offerings,apd 'Whole burnt· ~fferings.? it is abr~kpt and contrite heart, it is truth i"n the in-' \\111rdpMn, that God looketh at: My {onne give me thy he~trt, faith God,Prov.zg,z6: Oh when will rnw be unbewitched in t\lis particular: Thry even l011d and burden God 'With duriu, as God complaineth,l[a. I. but their hearts were unclean,they were not wafhed inwardly; every branch will wither, and be thrown into the fire, thllt doth not grow out of this root. They are a facrifice without fait, 'that bath not their feafon– ing..: Thistruth is like thefword of thed,ftroying A ngel, that dcfiroyeth many thoufand duties of feverall perfons ,at one l;>low, whoft faith, repentance, and all religious duties, are dead and without life, becaufe defiitute of this upFightneffe, It bath honey alfo for thofe who are truly godly, that yet are ofte·n in fad lamentation5J, bewailing their infirmit ies, and are afraid to touch evt'n the hcmme ofChriflsgarmEnt!. Alas, they dare not come to grace, they think the promifes belong not to them, who difcovcr fo much vilenelfe and loathfome– neffc in themfelns; they fiand aloofe off, as fo many Lepers, and cry unclean, Nnclean, not conftdering this blelfcd rruth, That its uprightneife and ftricerity, which dorh intertft them in Chrifi and all his benejics. - A thirderJCQUragtrntnt; Where ther.e u aJPirit "Without guile G d .3• d Jorthemain, thoughtherebefometimesfadinftrmitin,yetGodu 0 JS rea y ,rr. h b Y fi d d d G to paf.fe by the reat!J topa 11 et em 1· ea,we may an an won eqr ods infirmities of different difpenfations herein to two men, when the one hatb the upright, been an hypo('rire, and the other fundamentally ftnccre: We rudeofSaul, that expc8ingStllmuel according to his appoint– ment, who yet deferd his coming very late, that thereupon '. Sa.u/alledging fuch importunity of the people which he could not withftand, did facrifice ; but how dearJy ·did this colt him though his fact might fecm to be alleviated by many circ~mfi:anccs, yet Samuel tells him that Ghedience 1\?M better then (acrifice, I Sam. I 5 .22. and for this, t.he KingdomWttt rent fro'!fJ him and given to another. Now on the other fide, take David,Who hat b not heard of that horrible murder wh'icb he c.ommittcd upon Vriah, and that with much premeditate · deceit,