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' Th~ He4rt withoHJ Guile. · ~u fulfilled in this life: but yet fo farre as the truth ofLaw and fincerity, is required in the firft command, and the truth?f avoiding all finne even in the lulls and root ofic, fo in all tbe godly it ii accomplifhed ;· fo that all thofe texts,where we are faid to keep Gods CommandemeRts,and to walkunblameably in ali his wayes, are pndy to be underft·ood of the troth and Sncerity of:godlineffe : Thofe gracious promifes, ofcircumci· jing our he~~Jrt, to (Bve God 'With t~tll Mr he11rt ~nd[oul,Deur.•3o.6. as alfo6f"Writing hi& Law in our inwardparts,Jer. 3I.33 .are thus farre fulfilled in us, that the Spirit-of God enableth us truly" though not perfedly,to love him,and delight in what is good; fo that afpirit without guile, is afJ the perfed:ion tb at we can reach unto: And hence it is, that aperfetl he~~rt ,an "Whole hMrt~ a jincere heart,areall one in fcripture. z. A[ecrmdencouragement, "WhichfDiloweth fom the forme r, u, ,_; Thttt thi& flnf] i& that 1 "Which ma_kp m accepta!Jle to God; This on- This onely ly hath the promife of the Gofpel aAnexed to it ; Grace /Je "With makes 1 us ac– "" tho{e that lrrve the Lord Chrifl in jincerity, Ephef.6.ult. T/,e ~p~ab e t~ end9ftheCommandtment i& l6ve out ofan he~trt unfeigNed, I Tim. 0 ' ·Is. If you ask, What faith, what repentance it is, to which God bath made hispromife? theanfwer will be, Only faith without guile,repentance without guile. There is no prornife to Simon Magm his faith,becaufe he was full ofguile: There , is no promife to the faith of thofe perfons,{oh.z. who are faid to believe in him, Jet Chrift 'AJould n~t commit him[tlf to the~, li/caufe he k!zew "What \Va~ in the heart of ma_n. He knew there was not that plairinelfe, that ' iacegrity in them, as d1ey out· wardly profeffed: If thou /;elieve "With thy "Whole heart, Acts 8. g7. and ifyou{eek,.the LQrd~ith the Whole hellrt,&c. {oelz. u. Thefe are the conditions annexed eo the promife• Hence Da– viddoth fo-ofteR urge this as an ugument in his addreffes to God :. fo then though thy graces ar~ aot perfect, yet if fin– cere, thou haft a daim to the promife, thou haft a 'Weddi,1g garmentfor -thefeajf; thou haft oylfor thy lamps: Let not chy heart be troubled, becaufe thy godlindfe is not abfolute and' corn pleat; for this Godwill accept of, though thou might ftill be betce.r then tho·u art; fo that this particular hath both a fting and. honey in it,_a fling it is to the very heart of all - N z _ hypocriEes: ..