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,~94 ·Of UprightntfJe of f1et~rt: or . . notable-Champion in the field fighting it out with the devil? yea and all his good friends faltly accufing him, and with no other weapon but the integrityof his heart? then read over · - the fp.irituall warfare Job had. Ohbeloved, this is the water of life, this is the precious cordiall, when a man comes to be eicl~r in fpirituall or temporal! agonies 1Who knoweth what heavy bonds of calamities Go'd may tye any man in before he dicth ? and nothing wili mollifie fuch chains but uprightnelfcz Jtg not thy earthly honours or greacncffe (alas) they are mi[c-· r-ab!NfJmforters: Not thy parts,thy learning; that thou haft preached rnuch;fafied and prayed often; none ofchefe things, but the fimplicity of heart in them chat will be a reviving to thee. 5., · 5. Plainnef{e and integrity of hrart is aJP-ecia/l mians to help Integrity will m in difcerning bc~ween true and falfe, between·good and evil. help \.Is in dif· This is achoice help to any p~oficiency in faith or godlinelfe: covenng be-d Phil.r.Io. the Apofile there prayeth for believers, that they tweentruean N h · d · h' falCe good and may be fincere: ow w at IS ma e a companton to t IS? . evil.' That they might approve the things that Are excellent,or that dif– fer, fuppofing one alwayes goeth in hand with the other; Can!l thou not then difcern things that differ~ 'Thou doeft not approve thofe things that are mo.ft excellent: ·Thi~ it may be is,becaufe thy heart is guilefu 11 and very falfe: The he~~rt With– out gHi!e, is in other places called the pure heart. Now as the pure eye not difeafed- with humours, is thereby more fit,and prepared eo difcern any object, fo it is in the heart of a man, when that is made clean and wafited from all droffe and. filch, its thereby made more apprehenfive. .Ariftotle faid, Tho{e that are{oft in skj_nne,are mfJre ingeniom andapprehenjive. To be fure, thofe that are fofc and tender in hean, are more quick in '4 underfianding about what is good. This then will be agreat furtherante, to know what is to be believed, and what is to be done,when thy heart is inclined by fincerity: Nathamul you beard th~refore came fo quickly to the knowledge ofChriil, though poffeffed with contrary principles, becaufe he had an heart without guile, and fo was willing eo have his eyes open– ed. Oh in many things, its not for want of knowledge,or un.. dcrftanding, but integrity, that makes us turn into crooked wayes• . ,