Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

'I he .He~trt wit/J9ut Guile_;: wayes; Think you nor, and that without the lea~ breach of charity, that thtre are·many Learned men, or covmced men, that know thty ought eo do otherwife then they do? but , their guilefull and hypocriticall hearts deceive them; fo that ei.ther to be orthodox in judgement, or to be regular and or• derly in our liv-csJ 1known~ better direc,tion, then to treafure up fincerity. Its not only reading of books, and Authors which write on both fides, but an equal! poifing or balancing thy heart: 7'eters finfull _hurnoufing th-e Jewcs,you heard it was · nothing but diffimulation, he kuew be fhould have done otherwife. · 6. _Thuu agloriom advantage that fnurity bath; viz. its th.e . ~·. greMeft Wifedam and policy th11t can be ~tfed. IfTachm;whicb is Smcer£? 15_~he . called the Politicians Bible, or Machiavcll, or any other liu· ~r~nd ;~i~: mane writers of Civil prudence, were all firaincd, and their cy rhltt. can° be juyce taken outy it would not arife to fo much wifedom, as . ufed. that which we fee Solomon f~ often treats .of.in his Div~ne Po· liticks,and t~at is integrity. _He e<t)mmends it over and over again, as the greatefi wif-c:dom, and a~ that w.hicb will he the befi prefcrva.tive againfi evil; not only ·bccaufe God h.atb the grcatefi care over fucb, and they are mofi predous to him, as is to be fhewcd in a difiiaCl: head; .but be_c.aufc it is ef it felf di· rc<.9:ive t.o thebelt and furefi means for any good end ; for you mufi know, that integrity or finc.erity is .not a particular grace (eattd in any particalar faculty ,a.s faitb,hope,and lovf;are but itsthe reCl:itude ofeYery part of the foul, and the right qualifying of it inall its operations, fo that u,prigh.rneffedorh redifie the minde and underfianding, there _is much aecelt in ics acb; it dotb alfo retlil1e the will and affctliQns, there is horrible guile in them alfo: feeiog then integrity is fucb a retlification ofcvtry partin the fonl,he is thereby much enabled to behave bimfdf prudently in all his deportments:fo laid David, P[ld.Ioi.I, I ~ill behavemyfe!f~ifel.J in a per/eEl ~ay'\ And notabieis _thatexpreffion, Prov.11.3. The integrity ofthc up· right foal/ J.Ptide.hintJ, it fhall be aSrarre to lead him: Reade Davids hifiory, you have fevcrall palfages of his earnall poE- _ cy,as alfo of his integrity:Now he was never better then when , be went in-Gods way, never more endangered then when he · confulted ,: , ..!