Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

'. • 7· lr bath ·the promife of this lite an– nexed to it. ·or Uprightnt.Jfe of HeArt: or conH!lted with Adh1y wifedom. And indeed there is great: reafon, why integrity £hould be the bef1: prudence, /Jecau(e it dath only direft ta (ure, {i!t{e 4nd lawful! meane~, which are not only approved of by God, but alfo jufl:ified in the confciences ofall men : whereas carnall policy,cakes up every crooked and unlawfull-way,never confiders qu.tm ba1$m,but quam utUe,how fubfervienc it'is to the end he hub propounded, and by reafon of this is-forced to fhifc ofcen, .fometimes to the Gods of the hills, and fomecimes to the Gods of the valleys, an-1 by this un[ledfalland rowling way,ic comes at !all to fa 11 oflt felf;and certainly that imegricy wJich only direCl:ech to' ju!t and law– full Wlyes,is the befl wifeiom,appeareth, in that all men, who yet ~ppofe it, do pretend to ic, and no man could ever do any · great thing in the world, did he not polfdfe people with thoughts of his fincerity. Hence all partiet make their appeal to God, as the fearcher of their hearts : now certainly this doth won.derfully j.ullifie the maxime I have laid down, That ji14cerity inhefureft policy. Worldly wifedom fees a man upon the ice and flippery places, fincerity upon firm and folid land; make much then of fiacerity as the mafler·piece ofall wiie– dom, all things in this world are fubject to vicifficudes and changes; the wheel runs round, and one while one part is up– permo!t,and another time another part : and therefore chere will be times, when carnall and Aelhly wifedom will be mani– fell:ed to be folly,and true integrity wtll be jufl:ified of all men. Its recorded ofTultj, that firll he extolled Pompey and fet him up, but when he was fubdued,then he advanced ?ulim Ctt{ar: WhenBrutmand others ha,d murdered him,then he fees them up as the great prcCervers of their Liberty. When they again were Vlnquilhed,then he began to fee up Augujlus:but all this would not favc him, and therefore we hear him in his old age crying out, 0 me mi{erum, 0 turpem /eneClutem,O me nunquam prudenrem: and we know he came eo a violant death at lafi,by the procurement of his moll bitter enemy. . · 7• Uprighcneslt! is not only a means formally enabling to outward hapf>inelfe, but it id a [pecia!l qua!ifir'n.tion, that hath in a peculiar man;ser the promi[es of thu life annexed unto it. So– lomon bath many exprcffions to thi:t purpofe : .The Tabernacle of