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, .. A»dafilrlt withoNt 6uile. that any guilt will be upon thee: His defirJJtl:ion is ofhimfclf, as God told lfrael. · • · 3· Men unr~generatul may Jet he heArt) in re{pelf ()f tbe '3-' p_eace and comfort the] have jlfJwing fi'om thr;r .t:.eAI. Paut and They may fuch as he do not €0Unterfeit I joy and comfort they have ia have mucr their falfe wayes, b?t as their zeal was reall, and t-heir con· ~~~~ortflow..: fcience rcall, fo thetr comfort and peace was redI : not that incr from their they had true and foJid joy and peace, for that comes by the t~~L. · " Scriptures, and that is wrought by the holy Ghofi, it,being " the fruit of the Spirit, but as their zeal and confdence were reall, though not found and right, fo is their joy and peace: Jor when a man doth zealoufly follow his confcience, thcre– tloth by naturaiJ eonfequesc~ follow peace "and comfort within, fuch as Heathens tii4 feel, which made them fo com– mend a good confcience,as the brazen wall,and the only bap"' pinefle : as now on the contrary, when men do any thing , , againft their eonfcience, there followeth an accufation and murmuring within, as you fee in !~d.u,when he cried our, I h~tvefinned in hetraJi.ng the innocent Mood. Now when aman performeth that, which his judgement falls upon him eo do, he finde• great ferenity ofmin'de, and is like the upper region, wherein turbulent Meteors make no confuJion; fo that yo11 mull: never judge of the truth ofany way in Religioa, by the comfort and peace of confcience you finde therein; for all Turks, Jews, Plpi~s and Hereticks have much q11.iecnc1feof ' confcience in difcharging that traditionall religi9n they are brought up in, and would be muc~ troubled in confcience to deny or apotlatize from their way, untill their confciences be rect:i~ed out ofGods word. · ' ' ( . , 4· They·.msy ~e fo hearty and unfeig?ed in th~ir way~ 4 ; tbat 1hey 'WIII~tttrzbute all the outward .merc1es the] en;oy, unto They will at– that religion thq W~tlk.._in: They will judge God bleffcth them, trib\lte all oat– becaufe of tbeir zeal and devotion therein: Thus the ldola- ward mercies J ters in Scr.iptute attributed all unto their idol! gods when t~ the ik~'Y · they h!d· any fuccclfe: ·and the idolatrous ftWJ in Jeremy, t ey wa m. they fud all was well wit·h them, and they had·aU abundance, while they worfhippe& the ~een of Heaven, -(udg.x7.1 3· M.i-cab, though ma~ing Idols and living in Idolatry, thought · . · · P God