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1 ·o6 , C4fes ofConfcience ahout SJncerltJ· God would give a bleffing thereupon,judg. I7·I3· fo tfiat we fee, 'people led afide1n falfe and erroneous way~s, d.efijrute of the ·true -power of grace, m:3y. have a kinde of true hearti– neffe in all that they do; not like !{hu, who though boafiing of his zeal for God, ye.t aimed indeed at nothing bm ~arthly . · . grtatneffe. ,. . . 5• · Lafily,In reference to God; They may heartily /cp;ve tht pr~t~ They. m~y £lice c;f allfnch J,reat jinms IU their nlltHralllight doth condemn: hiaml~l~;~e They do really thjnk fuch waye~ of wickcdneffe are forbid– ~ln~~: ~~~eh den by Go.d, whom they w9rfutp, and ~herefore they dare their naturall not ccmmtt them, Thus ~lfo Paul,. Phtl+ .Co~cermng the light doth cgn.. rlghteof!t[neffe offhe La~,n14_bl~,ameable. So.far as the Lawof God ~emne. forbids any outward fin, (and thePbarifeesdid interpr.et the ext~nt of it no further,) fo far P~ul did wa.Jk unblameably, none ~ould accufe'him therein : Thus many w~lk ac:cording to the morall ditlates of nature, that they would. ·a.bhorre any fuch unworthy pratlifes: when Abimelech knew. Sarall to·be another mans wife, he was very carefull to.aoftain from her ; and God giveth him this tefiimoay, th"at he did it in the itlltgritJ of liu he11rt, Gen. zo.6. · And u for thofe duties which relate to men, irs more o'n• q.~efliopabl-e, that ~hey may bewithout guile in tn~ny·pztrti~ culars. As · _ · - ., 6. I• He '!'a) lie t~ true aHdfaithful/ ftiend: love another upO(l ll'!e may b~ a pure grounds ; as .Ariflotledefineth friendfhip, to be a ltve of £'\frd ~atth- another, PMt for anygood \\?eget, 6ut meerlJ for the partie;_s fak! u mn ' , 'Who u /,e/ov(d; a.nd tJu: Heathens give us examples of fuch f~iends; . and thus w.edaily fee, men that have not tbeSpirit ~ ofChrifi dwelling in them, yet plain-heuted and faitbfull in' their love. · 7~ z •. Men nnregemr11ted. mtf) ahhorre the way oflying, andall They may a.b- J.iflioiufl faudNient-courfes: We fee eV'Cn in humane efiecm a kPr lying,&c._Jye·is an,unworthy thing, and no man knows bow to bear it•. The Romanes were•urefull to k~ep their word$, tha.t i't made a Proverb, Romttnaftda. To be joft and plain in a mans dealing, is ~at which feverall men, guided by no higher -principle t-ben nature) are urefull in.EfaJ faith,J.fA.S.z. he took._Nntl him ' fr~ithfPJ!I 'Witlfej[es, and one-was Vrit~h, who is conceived to · be-