Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

·~~~~{jj{l~w}thq~ Ga~l~. ~ . _, be the- (ame thaf brought a patternof the Altar at l)ama/cHI., and fo let in idolatry to I[rat!, yet he liad the efteem of a faithfull man. _ · Lafily, To any_{ec,ndtirJ en.d inall puhll~ ~ifflfirs., tkey f!JII} 8. !le 'Withof!lt guile; faithful£ in their Ion! to the publick: wit- ~ltcy may ~e neffe many Heathens-; in t-heir relations they were placed in, ,wnhout gutie . 1oab,how. carefull .~as he that the CityRabhah fhould not be ~:~~0ar;~~d=d~livered to tritn~bat b&ftakttt in 'Davirlt name ; tlJus,isfatre in all pubUke. ·as fecottdary ends -do reach, the pub·like good, or relation afiirs. · ·-– they are in, theymaydifcharge them·without guile. But the Scripture teacheth u.s an higher, and amore nobleend~which is the gleryofGod, and wbatfoevcr reacheth rf()t' to th'i!, we may call it tamer minus vitium, then .trHc virtH&; and there•. fore to fpeak exatlly, there are no fucb th,ings ~~ morall vir. tncs, but D~vinicy would life them,ap·ro highermotives, and that fhew~th us·a_more excel~en~ way. ' · V/e ofAdmoni~ion)to ill {u,h.who a-re zea'lot\lty and confdenciouOy affected in m~tters of Religion,'and -finde quiecnes ofconfcience therein, to be wary and ponder things well. It may be thou art no better then aPaul yet before his c;onver• fion; its good to be zealoaOy affeCl:ed in a good thing, Paut faid it: by experience: Be then as Juftice is pitlured, alwayes with a Balance in thy hand, ponder and weigh things froRi ~ _·the Scripture; ifyou runne never fo fwiftly,yet being out of theway, yoa make the more hafte to detlrudien: efpecially this concerne.th all thofe that are .zealous forReligi9n from education and cut'tom onely. ' .. '·' . , .. \ p 7. ' \. ' J . ' I , ,, I', T