Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

/ ' ;, Cafes if Confcienceahout Sinurlty geace in their own fouls, and are like a .field offat {oile,which becaufe not rightl-y husbancted, brings folth much indeed,but– of weeds and unprofitable briars fit for burning. Bo not therefore runne to thy perfwll ded confcience, as a fafe C.mtlu– ary ; for many horrible idolaters and bfa fph em~ rs have been hereby miOead : and of all tlifiories in this kindc,that is moft· remarkeable, which Voetim in his difputes of Atheifm, rcla· teth~ concerning one Vamirit#, who one~ wrote .a book to, . p.rove there was a<;Jdd, ul~ing i_t A~phithentrum divin~t p:o– -videntite, yet afterwards apofiauzed mto a meer fpeculattve , dogmatizing Atheift, and. did endure burning to death at p~tru, profeffing this blafphemous ;l1fertion: ·shaiJ his delu· – ded and cauterized confcience plead for an abfolution? Btat you will fay, Do not fuch·zealous men as Paul deferve fome p,ity ?·or is there no wa.y to be mitigated? Anfw. In fome rc– fpeCl:s their condemnationwill not be fo great, as fome other kinde ofmen in theworld, .whereof there is tQOgreat -a nom-: her; As Fir.ft, Thofe who are attive and violent for a-religious– way, oppofing the truly godly, contrary to their confcience · and knowledge:, This made -!--Jrinenjis of old, and later pi. vines diftinguiili between· the heads or feducers in herecicall wayes, and the followers 9r feduced, who many times went in the fimplicity of thdr fpir?t; no doubt agreat deal of dif .. fercnce is to be putbetween fuch, for if any go againlllight ·and knowledge, its likely thofe who have the moll underc– ftanding , and are the chiefell: in parts-: therefore Pauls cafe · was farre more excufable, then thofe malicious Pharifees, whom our Saviour charged with finriin_g againll the holy Gho(l: Oh this is abloody-aggravation, and fucb fire as this is like that .of hell: Thou art a devil incarnate in th is pa rti~mlar. 2. They are moreexcufabie then meerAthei llsor AtheiG fiicall men, that make the matter of confci'!rtce or Religion, tt:o be meer not ions or niceties ; Paul Wll.S f:trre more corn· , mendable then that Gal/io who cared not fo r t hefe things,of R.~ ligion then on foot: This is the carnall policy tha t reign· ~eth in theworld) ,to account the name and repute ofReligion profi~abl~::