Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

~nil" {jirlt wifho~tt Guile: profitable for many defignes, but the thir:~g it (elf abrirderi; 3· They are better then cold, lukewarm profeffors,though of the truth; how odious fuch frozen neutrall men inReli– gion are to God, appeareth Jzy Gods expoftulation, I Would thou \\?ert either hot or cold, becaufc ·thou art luk!warme, I 'Will jpue thee BUt ofmy mouth. This expreffionibeweth how loath-, fo.me and abominable fuch are to God. LafHy, When mens zeal for away.ofReligion, becaufe ap.: prehended to be ofGod, is therefore drawn out: it is farre more excnfable, then when men are hot and violent oneI¥ for carnall and earthly refpecb; I make a great difference ofP~tul, from thofe other Pbarifees that did all things to be feen of . ,– men; or from lehu,who boafied ofmuch zeal forGod,but it was to get an earthly Kingdom;or Demttrim,whofe heat wu wholly feavourHh from inordinate love to thefe things· below. V fe oflnll:nict!on, To hewaile the wofull ne"gleCl of that zeal and fervency which ought to be in Chrifl:ians walking in the truth: Oh how do Idelaters, and hereticks, and erro. neous perfons ·go beyond us and .flume us 1 Did that good man}ambo weep when he faw an whore curiouOy decking her felf eo pleafe her enamoured lover, becauf.e he could- not be as diligent and as circumfpeCl: to p1eafe God : w-hat rivers of tears then may run,out of our eyes, to fee the Papift, the heretick, fo adive,fo forward,fo devout in their falfe V{ ayes, and_we £land ftill? They worfhip Idol$, that have eyes, hands and feet, but ufe them not : we on the contrary do not wor"': fuip im Idolf, but we that are woriliippers are like Idols.' · Paut thought he was bound to oppofe and perfecute the way of Chrift2andlle did it with all his might.Thou knowetl: thom l art bound to be more diligent in fanC1:ifying the Sahbath,more frequent in prayer, reading,and all otlierreligious duties,b~t thouminde~ them not,n~ither a'rt carefull for thtm~