Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

Anda[jiilt ·withost Guile.' I'1f. bear fuch afflictions,' they could overcom(: fuch temptatiom: bua _when they have been put up<m the triall, oh the bafe treachery of their hearts, then tbey murmure, then they re.. pine, then they are-impatient. -As .David when it w,as weU with, him, he thought his mounta~n was fetled,, , Pfa~·30·7· he could never be moved, but God dtd no fooner htde htmfelf, but then he was trouhled. Thus Pet er, he thought though ttll m~nfoouldforfakJhim,yet he 'Would not, but when he comes to · the triall; yea indeed before it was any great extrmtity, he forfakcth and denieth his Mafler. Now fu~h experiences of' their falfe and weak hearts the godly have ; Bvenas fick men, when on the bed, think they are able to walk ltrongly, but no fooner do ~hey rife tip, but their firength prefcntly faileth them ;.muft nonhis therefore put thtm into fad perplexities, doubting what they are, am! whether they are found in the main ornQ? _ + Another flCcajion of[nch hlack,.temptations ,u ,the tenderneJfe 4· .4 their heArts,avoiding the very appearAnceofalljinne: for fee· The tender.: ing the Scripture requireth it, I Thef.s,,, they are carefull neffe of thc:i{ · not to touch this pitch left they be defiled ; they do not only beam. avoid evil, but the fhew and the appearance ofit: Now the godly being thus tenderly affected,its hard not to degenerate in~o fcrupulofity,and even llavifh fears: As in tender and foft wood wormes are apt to breed,· thus Chrilliam who have tender affections, have many times weak judgements, and do t not fully underftand that lawfull Evangclicallliberty'which is allowed them, and th~ not ·knowing this breedeth many perplexities, and troublefome thoughts within them, fo that it is an happy thing, when a found minde and a tender heart , are joyned together. . A great judgement without cendefneffe, many times works a ffnfull Jargeneffe in mens wayes it cat}feth fuch a w-ide throa&. that can fwallow down Camei9, and a teoder heart, without a found judicious minde, doth many times raife fear and doubts where there ought to be none,but both thefe together make an excellent temperament e~en ad pondus as it. were in the foul. ' 5. vfnother caufo "PJhich 'II'Jak!s thegodl] thm[elf-r themfe/vu, -~ id the {llthfulnef{e and fPiritHIIII dec~Jyes they fiNdi upon their Th~ llothf~l:- R " fo~(~~ o.~~C.;nQ fp~l~