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.,,: 1·.~ .. C"fesofConfcienca about SJnceritj obligation and fpiritual! extent of t-he Law, becaufe their obedience bath been only externall :They have not raifed-up themfelves to the Law, but brought down the Law to them· felves; as ifthe Heavens fhould come down to theeartb,and not the earth be raifed up to the Heavens: Thus the Jews and tl:Je Pharifees,their perpcetuall doctrine was, that the Law did only require externall ob~dience; ~nd when our Saviour ex· pounded it, M atth.), of heart·finnes, it was a paradox to them; and thus it is fiill in Popery, its their profelfed do· Clrine, that the L1W doth no further oblige, then its poffible . for us to perform it in this life ; and by this means they make many thoufand motions of the heart no finnes, which yet Paul,Rom.7. doth many times call finne, and fuch finne as is to be mortified ; that he groanetb under, and bewaileth as a miferable captivity. But the godly heart with Paul,Rom.7. bath learnt to underfiand the Law better,and thereby is con~ vinced of.: many finnes, which the naturall man never reeards; The Law u JPirituall, falth Pa~!, hut I am carnal/ fold under .. ' 1'-- finne. I finde,When I 'WFJuld do good,evill u p7efent 'With me, and this tuft leadeth him into cllptivity, and its a Law in hi& mem· bers 'Wn.rring againft the minde. Oh then wonder not, if the people of God, who feel fuch combares,and firivings within them, ef Law againll Law, the Law of the members agalnfi the Law of the fpirit, that they like Re6eca' s twinnes ftrive in the Wombe, and which make) the cafe more doubtfull, is; · that the jlefo{o lufteth -againft thefpirit. and fo farre prevaileth, that the things the godlyWould do ,thq do not; and-oh the per– plexities and agonies which are then raifed in the hearts ofthe ' godly, That they cannot believe_, be heavenly minded, fo mortified u tbey defirc ; yea they finde themfelves many times foyled and overtaken, which makes dHJmcry out, Is this to obey Gods Law? doth that command no better? Is this to love God, to ferve .him.as the Scripture cornman· _ deth? - .., 3•h - 3· Therefore they are ~tptto be thmfurpri~edby the/efutrh rrom t e ex· fi h · h h · f h · · rr: d · tr. perie;ce of the rom t. e expenence t e) ave o t e dectttfulne; 1 ean falj~neJJe fa lfeneffe of of thesr hearts: They have been perfwaded, they cou1d do tlieir beans. fuch and fuch things for God ; they have thought they could bear