Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

·ami af}irit with~iit ~tlile. ,. Lafl!y 1 That which i5 no mean caofe of the fad fears or godly men in this particular, u the fad revolt. ani deJPerttte "'puftajie af rhofe 'WhfJ{etmedeminentfar Religion: . oh this makes th~mquake at the very heart; fuch Starrc~s fall from Heaven, what du:n will become of fuch a clod ofearth as I am 1 fuch : green trees burn,what then may dry trees expeel: 1 The Apo– {lle Paul fpeaking of Hpnenem and Philelm their apofiacy, he faw h~w this would fluke the godly; he addeth there– fore by way ofcomfort, The jtJundation of the Lord flandeth Jure; fo then, they finding in Scripture how farre even hy– pocrites and reprobares may go; this works a daily perplexity in their fouk: and thus you have the caufcs of this fad tra~- ble on the godly mans foul. _ V/e is of.Admonition, partly to the godly ; Do not think thou art-therefore undone, and n0 gQdly maa was ever like thee becaufe thou art affaulced with fuch doubts ; Thou maye£1: be achilde oflight, and)et 'Wt~lk)n diirk._nef[e, grace may be in thy heart and thou not know of it: Yea thou mayeR: cry out for the want of that which yet thou haft. Nothing bath been amor~ ordinary temptation with the children of God,then to fear thcmfelves hypocrites and callawayes-: Do not be difcouraged in this thing,but wait on the Lord,and yet wait on bim,---he will at Jail caufe light to thine out of dark.. neffe. And Secondly, Its partly for Admonition to tinfull and wicked men, who' bleffe tbemfelves becaufe they never go bowecl -. down with fuch fears and doubts; They hav~ no pangs either in life or death, all is at quiet with them, they have a good faith in Chrift,and flrong hopes of falvation; Oh how much . better were thy efi:ate, if it had been more troubled and flue ken: Oh fear le£1: thy tormendog doubts and fears be rc(er– ved for thee inhetJ. _ · ~