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S.~tJtM. XV. f I VireEiionsfor tf godly man that iJafraid he u anHypocrit~. · . p sAL. Ig. 12• Who-,4» t~nderfiandhis errlrs? cleAPft thou me fr'"' ft~· eretjinnes. · · I "T"H E Do~r.ine that from thefc words we have ~egun to ~:1. treat on, ts~ . Thttt eTJengod!J men ~tre /ometimes/adly a/ftiffed. under the/e thoughts, TIMt there u ficret and unk._nownJinfulne(Je in them; and ther.efore whilesthey jullific thellilfelves God may con- , dcmn them; HU, thoughts nre not at their thoughtJ: and that obfervation of the Wife man, is like a thorn in their fide; ' E'tlery manj w~y u right in hu owneyes, but the Lord pondereth the heart,Pcot21,2. The grounds of this fad perplexity in-a· godly mans eart, we have difcovered; It remaineth now, that having opened andfearched tbe woun~, we ihould pre· ·. pare oyl·or ,balme: Its· the art of arts, co·give fpecialJ and– fore receipts for fo fad a difea.fe. And · . I. · Firfr, This will be no meanway to quiet thyfoul~f thou ia·· ~on£der there form thy felf of a two·fold fear or trouble, th'e one whereof ~~ atwo-fold isuluty, rhe other finfgll: The firfi is a fear of holy diligence 1~F;at of holy and holy folli-citude ih the ufeof all meanes; The other is 11 . 'cliligcnce:And .fl~tvifo, tormenting and difoeartning fear, calling the 'heart' A fla~Hh, to.r- down, and enfeebling of i,l.through Ianguifhingand defpon· menu~g fldlf· deRt thopghts: This dillinCI:ion is of excellent ufe in this h.ean.tu.og, ear. temptation, and her.e he that difiingui1heth well,will q~ickly · · - te.ac.h , , ·