Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

lmdlt /}irit wit~NtGuile.}; and choice grace of faith, and now according to tbat.Rnlt, Ilia privatio eft pejfima, cuju& hahitm eft ~ptimm, t~a~ lS the worft privation whofe habi~ is the belt, and thus it 1s beFe, · thofe doubts and tormenting fears within thee, they are con– trary to faith, Fear not hut heleeve, faid our Saviour, Luk,p 8~ 18, and {o {-lk'nroel(flll and J'J~(m1 to be tojfed up and dff'Wn like ameteor, or to be a two-minded man, like one that knoweth not whether to go this way or that way, are made oppofites– to bcleeving; and thus fPI'ffJeJ, the Jf...j.u~~ «Vnf, the aouG/e.mind– ed man, the £wo-fouled man is made contrary to him that bc– lee3eth, and fuch an one is faid to be unconflant iN all hu– )llnle.l', and compared to the wave of the Sea, that fometimes rs toffcd up towards heaven, fometimes [wallowed up by the eJrth, oh then know ,ies a very gricevous fin, and greatly difhonouring of God to walk with fuch tormenting trou– bles; Thou art gone beyond thy bounds,. thy honey is turn– ed into gall, when once thy troubles do ~hus far prevail over thee. 2. The{e perplexing[tars and trouhln, they-are mt on(y a fin but amifery, and an heavy affiil9:ion, .and wilt thou be fo foolifh as wilfully to keep fuch an lleavy hurthen upon thy foul? 'Davidhow often did be chide his foul when it was ~aft down and difquieted within him? He would rub himfelf to good warmth and hear, after be bad been in thefe qualms and foundings; I(s made a curfe .by God, to eft~ their ' bread With fear, and to drip~with n.Jlonifl;ment: It was Cains mark of Gods difpleafure upon_him, to go up and down trem- . bling : Pa/bur that malicious Priefi ~gainfi Jcrcmiah was. ea!.. led Magor Mijfa6ib, Jer. 20.3. Fear or trembling encompaf– fing him round about ; Oh then if thefe perplexing fears and troublcforne thoughts be fuch an heavy mifery and burthen, do not thou give way to t,hem ; Wilt thou at the fame time . 2~ They are a< mi(cry. · be miferable and fin,alfo?'~hat is a twofolQ mifery~ - 3· Thq nre not only unprojitahle,but very mHch floppingand. ;.' hlndring thofe very good thing J' we 'Weu/d have : All fear· in the Hinderers of immoderacy of ic dotb jndifpofe and unfit for any duty : good things. Hence rhe Scriptu.re faith it makes Weafz.hand~_ and feeble k_nee.f. which arc the peculiar inftruments of m_otlon and operation ; · - Take.