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'1t~i6 C11fos ofCon{ctett&e ahonl Sincerity to grow fecure and negligeru, fo while we a-re commanded to rcjoyce in the Lord, we are apt to forget thcfo other du– ties of repentance, felf·d~niall, and .humility ; Now an-holy trembling is the feafoning as it were of all other graces. Jt•s the fait in the Sacrifice. Hence Pfa 2. RejO)ce 'With trembling, and the Chrifiians did walk infear, and in 'the jBJ of the ho!J ·Ghoft, AC'c. 9· 3I. All that fecurity and.loofeneffe, or prcfum– ·Pt~on~ that may be apt to breed in the godly, this doth cx– ccUendy correct, this doth admirably eat our the rotten fle(h; That as the Maid who heard Peters voice went run· ning in.with great joy, and yet great fear and amazement ·alfo; fo the people .of God by this godly trembling have an excellent mixture.: Here is the compofition of heat and moifture, ofcoldneffe and drine1fe, and fo there is no danger ofmifcarri'age. 3 ; 3• This godly trembling is not onely a 4uty, a correCtor And a fpeciall of exorbitances, but alfoafpeciall pre[eruer and antidote a– A~tiaote againft allfuture fins. Blef{ed i& the man that. fettreth alwaie,s, • ~awft !inne. Pro.28. The fear of the Lord u the beginning of 'Wifedom: Bt not high-mindedbHtfear, Rom.I 1.20. {o that the godly trou· ble and fear which is upon thee, ifwell ·ordered, 'would be the great means to keep thee from all hypocrifie and apolla– cy. hence the promife ofperfeverancre to the godly is ac- . complifhcd by working fear, 1 'Will pHt my fe~r in their hearts that they /hall not depart ftom me, Jer. 32.40_. There are poifo:. nous- things when corr,eded and order~d by art, do become of foveraign ufe and efficacy: Thus here, all thofe pangs and troubles of foul about thy hypocrifie and falfhood 'of ·hea_rt, if wifely ordered, worild certainly keep thee from falling: Therefore make much and encourage all godly trembling, and jealoutie about thy felf. But as for the fecond kinde of fears, which are difiraC'cing, 4ifpondlng, and tormenting of · :But the ~aviih thee, Thefe th0111 art to avoid and fly from, as being the imtormenung mediate products of. thy own black heart . and the Prince of fears thou art h bl k d k rr · h ll F ' id For t at ac ar neue m e . or . _ to avo 1 • Firll, They are fins, and fo are offending of G~d ,and en:- ;rbey a;e fins. dangering thy fo~l. All doubtings and difhatl:ing thoughts are acts of unbehef, and fo contrary. to that mon excellent and