Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

4ni a{}irlt withotft (Juile.' . I ~ion this work of grace and that work ofgrace in thee, fear , at 'Jafl: left thou fall into fuch deeps, that thou canfl: not fwimout ; Iefl: ·thou he like the JfraelitCJ, that went back· wards and. forwards, and forwards and backwards, and fo. cam.e fuort ofCanaa~: And this may fuffice for the firfi.par· ticular,which hath feverall branches in it to direCt: thee ~bout this temptation. · / But fecondly, Art thou ca!l: down left thog bean hypo· II. crite, and knowell11ot the wodl: by thy felf ? Then cenjidc-r ConGder w~e..: · _,. Whether ·thou liveft in any kJiownJinne, or in the nef!left ofany thfr t.hou 11k..nown duty, and if thou ca11f1: not upon a diligent fearch finde ~~ow~n t:'l any default in either ofchefe, then know that a() habitulll &,, - ' or generall repentance for undifcovered finnes, is all that · God reqaireth: an expreffe, formall, partiturar bewailing of fuch hidden finnes, is not required by God. And this courf~ you fee David taking to quiet' his foul : firfl: _he criech out in a fad pang, who can tmderftandhuerrors ? What then ( David?) if none can, mufi: we therefore perpetually- torment · I our felves with perpl~xing doubts., muft we therefore be al· wayes kept upon the rack? No: D;~vid!heweth us a more excellent way, Cleanfe me ftom [ecfet jinnes. By deanfing, is meant juftification and pardoning, as Expofitors agree .. But how can che~e be clenfing or pardon,where there is not repen– t:tnce? .and how can there be repentance of 6nne, if it be fe– cret .and hidden eo a mam knowledge? Yes : .though there cannot be aformall, exprelfe ~epentance, yet agentrall and habituall one there may be. If.therefore thou haft his plain · ~ and tender preparation of heart, that if any thing b~ found out CO be a finne, that thou doefl: not yet know,thou wouldit abhorre ic: and ifany thin~ be m:.mifeH~d tQ be a duty thou ·. art not yet convinced of, thou wouldft willingly embrace it; this is agood evidence and a fure fign for thee to gather the uprightaelfe of thy heart for the main, though there may be farre more corruption in thee then tver thoy 4id11: yet finde ' 'Out. Therefore Elihu prell: ·a fincere .heart in thde words, 'Job 34.3 I ,3 2· ·I have finned, teach thou 'fl!e; and if I have of- · fended,IWill do fo no more. Here is but an Jf I ~ave finned, If 1 have offended; and yet this purpofed and refolved repcn- . · S · · ··· tance . ' ., ... - .