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\ C4{es ofCinfcienie 1~8NtShtcertty . t2nce (or linne,whenmademanifdl,is(_nougb. So then,fuff'et not thy felf to be.totfed up and down, but ask thy foul Oh my foul~ why art thou thus filled with troubles in ooce; 'why art thou afraid th'ou art caft away? Is there any known grofs finne thou doefi live in, any ne'cdfary duty thou dodl omit?' Att thou not thus affcded, That there,is no fccret or hidden corruption in thee, but thou wouldll: rejoycc eo finde out and willingly to facrifice it? If thou canll: fay thus, Behold i bring thee the glad tydings of faJvation ; It cannot be that – that fuip fhould pcrifu, wherein Chrifi.is, or tb:tt foul be damned,where Chrifi doth thus dwell. Ill. Thirdly, Thou art 'greatfy afflided and tempted left thon 'Thy very jea- be ap hypocrite, a cafiaway, Thofe very jealoujie.r and dividtd l~u~es and thoughts of thine, ~rre apl;~in argument to the,contrttry. Every 411Vldedh mans way naturally is clean in his own eye; If therefore thoug ts, arc 1 .J 1 hr. - · h h · ue thee to be thou art 101:1 anu oat 10me ,m t y OW? eyes, ere 1s tnore fn a go~d ;~ then natur.e her~; Every man by na_ture 1s a. ~ygmaleon, falls ilat~, - in love wtth htmfelf: as Laodicea, that f:11d jlie \V~ rich,,md · ----- fu_ll,and Wanted notbing,Rev.j. when indeed foe W.u nnk!d,and miferable, and Wanted all things. Its grace and nothing b.ut grace that complains of finne; its Snctrity and .nochiag elfe_ which bewaileth bypocrifie ; for _9ut of tbr fame fountain cannot come bitter and fweet ;. efpecially when thou doeO: .not only bewail grolfe hypocrifie, b_ut heart-hypocrifie and fuch fecret hidden finm s, that God only and thy own foul. knoweth: Therefore i~s -not the prefenceofhypocrilie,£Q_akeB– thee an hypocrite, n0 111ore then the prefence ofunbclief makes a man prefently an u~believcr, - but -the dominion and i . l -- prevalenc) of it. Let mt Jinm reign in)fJUr mortal/ body. Let· not hypocrifie and guile reign in your heart. It will be there do what you can; expt>ct no more to have afoul without · fom·edefilements, then abody without fome pains and aches : lftheybe in ~: hee by way of cnnAid andcornbate, thou an not a fc_rv11nc to them, and [o not overcome by them. T~is vc-ry particular is .:nough eo flay the bieeding of thy fainting foul. Jf) be anhypocrice,why am lafra1d ofit, why do I be· wail it ? there was never aay guilefull man in the Scripture·· that did (o.. · - :L.afily,