Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

""J A (jirlt t~~ilh~Jit Gt~i!t: 13 t L1ftly, Art thou much dejttl:ed in theft thoughts, thqti · I V. mayefl be farre worfe then thou thiokeft of,and fo meet With 'iet upon tacfe bell acJafr, when thou did!l: ~opefor l:leaven. Then fet up_on D .. hl~s • . thefeduties : , · P 1 ' n. 1 ' ·ay ca·w·a y I,Betak! thy[elf to etemejf prayer,thfltGoa woulddifcover thy t; G.J 1 · elm {elfto thy (elf; tba.r. qewould create truth in thy inwar:d parts, he wou~J dif– that he wou d give thee a rgore plain,liog!cand lincere heart. c~ver t ~1y iclf This fervem:·praver is an amiaoteagaintl all temptations :·Is umo thy felf, . ftnJ m11n t~_fflJ[fed?let him prt4y. This is th~ key to operi Heaven ~c. · , gates:Retoiv.e Lord,.whufoever I fcar,whatfoever becomes of . me, I willnot give over praying; though I perifh,I will perith praying; and be fure, this imporcun:tte incelflnt prayer, will bring all toagood end. ·· , · · z. Let this cemptadonmake thee morewatchfull, mor~ di~ i.' . " ligeot; whQ knowcs bnt that God for"this very end · h!lth Let ~his 'tern..; brought thee into all this black ,darknelft", fo that thou pcadoa ma~ m3yell be more wacchfull, diligest, fervent andaClive'lgainfl: thee h~lle ~ thy own beart,the world and devil,th.en tho~ hafl: b~en: w_h~t· ~i~f~eQ~. an ' I fay unte you,![~ty unto all,Uiatch,M~t.z4 42.Mat.26.4r.Th1s ts - · a duty again and again pr~lfed. · . . ~ . . 3•. L~t foith have itsperfeEl work)napp fting ofChrift for the 34 ·, 1 fanElifymg and healingof thee: If thQu canll: but touchhim Atl: faith i~t by faith, that flux of blood will ceafe; ' Jts faith makes us Chdll for partakers of the Olive tree, its that which bringeth Chrifl: fantl:ifyi?g to dwell in thy heart. Therefore, if thou findeft chy hyp 0 '. afd healwg , · crilie,thy weaknelfes, and fearefi every thing in thee arifeth 0 : hee. of this trembling condition, clafp~ about Chrill:: bow can there be light in thee without this Sunne? Chrij} u the truth, ,,and if thou wouldefi have t.ruth~fly to him; it will make thee of a fpirit like his, the Dove fhall defcend on thee; as in his be~1 r~ and mouth, fo ,~eitber in thine, YJill there be t~und any gut e. ' , . . . "!fe of In~nrd:ion to the godly, not to walk in fu,ch de~ " · Jechons ofmm~e ; Who may ~ave comfort and peace,if thou ' hav~not? TheJoJ of the L~rd u thy ftrength, Do not caft thy felfmto deep gulfs and endlelfc labyrinths : if thou canfl: not underfhnd all thy errors, then pray,that ~odwould cleanfc " thee from fecret linnes. . - · ~ ~ c V fe