Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

'134 . _ C~Jes_p[Con{citnec about Stn&erit:J as great c:almes forego fiorms at fea, and earthquakes in tht· earth : And thus fQr a man t.-o walk with high confidence,and greateafe and quietndfe offoul, as if all wer:e well with ~im, argueth him neer defiruelion; thefe are fu~den lightenings before death: Oh what awoftiiJ condition is it for a man at the fame time to He bleffing himfelf 7 • ~Qd God abhorring of bim, while thou art faying: .Soul take thine eafe; Ood to be commanding the de.vils eo take thy foul, yet in this condition moll: li~·e. To open this, let us confider, whence it docb arife that its fo very difficult to b~ acquainted with our own errors and . finnes. . .. .I· And firlt, Becaufe man. u nttturally pr8ne to:mak.f him{elfthe Becaufe Ttan rule ofgood anaevil, that i; good eit~er in himfelfor others, i~::et~~a~ke and that is ~ad eitberin hi~felf or .others, which he ~pp~o- , himfelf the veth of or dtfproveth: ffifn Judge etcher as;hey are led Wtth · ,ute o-~ geod lo~e or ~atred, and the¥ l,ove and hace, ev~n as their corrupt ,, apd evd., wtlls and lufis do affed them; ft~t pro rateone v·ot~nt.u, and projujlo and UJUO alfo; nowt~isis very great iniquity_, that • man who is wholly corrupted, and b-ath·no dghteoufneffe or holineffe in him, lhould yet make himfelf the meafore and ' : rule of all righ teoufneffe. Its impoffible theQ that ever any man fuould uhdetlhnd the errers ofhis wayes, a; long as he ' ' ' mifiakes in this fundamentall. He doch not g9 tO be regula– ted and tried by the Word, but he ,takes the meafure of his own heart and meetechevery thingby that. Yea this advance ofour felves, · as a ~ univerfall fiandard to wei~h al.l thmgs by, God complaineth of as extended to himfelf, f [a/.5o. Th911 thoughtefl' I W.u fuch an one .u thyf elf. Oh horrible dd ufion, how can man ever come to know himfelf,who is apt eo \make a God like hirnfelf? that tyhat he lovc:th, he thinks God to· vech; as ifGod were to be after his likene!Ie, and not h~ after Gods likeneffe; aQd truly, this four leaven is in every - mans breafr, you cannot perfwad~ him that God is angry ' with him, that God hateth his wayes, that God will damn him for thofe finnes he liveth in : No, he thinkphGod to /Je fuch an one, lik..e him/elf: and as a man that looks through red or gre~n glaffe, thinks ever objetl is of that colour the . , · · ' · · · · glalfe ·