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. ~nd .A j}Jrit wlth,niG11il~: glalfe is i fo it is here, T~y thinkevery .thing inGod; to be according to what is in them ; ,and hence alfo ·an the Scri· pturc they make to bt a book after their own heart; they ' put what gloffe and inte,rpr-etation they will upon it,and thus ' by it they encourage thcmfclves in their'wicked way: There- , fore till _tbis rotten fldh be eaten our,nevetexpeCl: that aman· fhoul~ be healtd Ci>f his dangerous wounds. · 2 • Therefore its.h11rd to b'fJ acqN~tinted With all the errors of ·2: hu heart, beca~>~fe t htreare thefir ft motionsoffinne,'Whichrife up Bec.aufe in th~ in ourf~u/s antecedently tfJ G~r, ow~ rell}"o~, and.'Yt!ill, and confo,nt ~e{C ' are..the many t~mtJ, -and therefore Ilk§ themotes ln,rhe alre, 11re perJ m· f fi mouons difcerxa6lc. Thefe mo~ions which may be called indeliberate,, 0 1~ne •. and in fome fenfe involuntary, the .Schoc!men caiJ motmpri.. I _mo primi; The firfl produCts and immedi al ~ iifuesofche foul,. which arife like··amultitude of grathopp(rs upon the,heart; that as fome Philofophcrs fay, Objella[emper radiant, objeBs - do alwayes irradiateJPecieJ, wh ich yet are not difccrnable':. fo the heart of a man is ~ever quiet, but alwayes io ,motions, and thofe immederate and fiofull for the moll: part: As the - naturall man is alwayes in motion, fo the heart ofa man fpi-– ritually confulered,is alwayes in agitation; Its a. mill alwayes · grind.ing. Now tl!ofe thoughts and motions, which are fo tudden,indeliberate, and before or againfi Ol,!r confe1,1t,' who can reckon up thcfe a~y more then the fand oft~e fea lhore.!: The Papifis indeed deny they are finnes, _ unl~1fe confented' unto; they grant them to oe theclfc8:s o,ffinne, and fome– \times cauf~soffinne, but not qnnes tbemfelyes: According to them they are like the money put into' Jo(eph; brechrenl: . facki , they were much troubled at it, but becaufe it came ' I there without their knowl~dge· or confent, it w..a.s not their– finne; thus t hey fpeak of thefc fidl: motions and fiirrings o~ heart; But Paul,Rorn.7·7· teacheth other divinity, ~ewail· ing and'groaning'under fuch motions, though not confented: to lye in him. and he calls them finnes very often iJl that Chapter,, and tha~ finnes fo rmally,becaufe contrary to the· holy and pure Law9f Goq, and fi:nnes that were to be morti·· · fied and crucified ; fo then, if tbofe fiirrings and r:qotiomof hca'rt;~hic~ atife f.<? manyth~uf~~ds ina moment aln1ofr, are ------- --·-- -· - ___ ,_ for.