Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

lire dlfmfMhle 1lerefies; will which are as the King and Councell, in i mans eftate, ibo~td rule and command the affedions and all other inferior fiirrings of rh~ foul; but when a ·man finneth, then it is as if theearth fhould guide .the Heavens, the tayl the head, fer· vants ride arid Princes go on foot: wonder not then that finne is called an error, for it diforders all the fu bordina don or or– der that is in the foul,_for either che will is oppreffed·by the affethons,or the underfianding _by the phancy, and fo againll: all order,the fteing are led by the blinde. Again, As the har– mony among the powers of the foul is difordered, fo the ob– jects are contounded; for in a!I fiime the crea_cure is preferred. before the-Creator,ttH: drop of [hecreature before the ocean. ofthe Creator: Oh wbt error is this 1 Who can bewail this folly, that thou fhoulfi take an empty cifiern before a foun– tain, that thou flwu Id ll accept of mc;er hu~ks before the heavenly manna? What did God make thee and give thee a foul of fuch capacious defires>only for the c0mfort that is in a. creature? can this be the center of thy motion? Davidcould not do fo, for God was his portion, and he h3d nothing in, Heaven or earth but him. 3• Sinnes are errors ,Gecaufe they mak! a man refolt.f[e, ,giving bim no true content or fatufaE!ion at 11ll: Therefore the Scri · pture fpeaking of wickedneffe faith,. they add drunk.f~nef{e to thirft, Deut.z9.19· That as the drunkard by his excdfe is made more dry, and hi~ drought makes him drink the more, then there is.no fiop; fo it is with men, efpecially when accu– fiomed tofinne, they wandet farther and farther in this wil· derneffe; they long to fatisfie fuch a lufl and then another and ) ' when thefe. are, ac.complifhed, fiill they are defiring further and further tmptetles: Oh then do but lay this eo heart; Is not thy covetoufneffe, thy uncleanneffe great errors ? Do– cfi: thou not finde that like the grave, they fiill (wallow up all, and ¥et fay !ts not enough; ~oth not all finne leave an by• drop1call tha[l, ~r an unfattsfied Bulimm upon thee, that tho~ caafi: not gt-ve over: certainly this is agreat erwr and vantty. _ Butlaftly~nd_principally, Sinne u ttn error, 6ecau(eitutl· wayes commttted for Want of conftderation: No man chat fins Y 3 doch 6. . They give M fati>h;cbun ta , the foul, 7· Its alw,ayes committed for wanr of confi-– dcration. . -