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~48 StntUs t~nd trAnfgrejions . [take a man in this manner qualified with rnfon; there is n~ !thing fo contrary and repugnant to it as.finne; every timea .I man commits finne, his foul fa ileth in its proper operation~: (As the ere when difeaied is hindered in feeing, the leg when lame in walkin~, or the whole body when there is a ddfo~ ' nancy or 4i llolving of the good temperament of the humours cauf~th a difeafe: fo it is with a mans underfianding; Is be proud, ea rthl y Iufrfu ll? fhefe are urmaturall, _irrationall a· Clions,clwnart not a man: Therefore virme is called A viro, I ts 1 m ;~ nly rariom.lt thing to avoid any finne,; fo that as a difeafe is fa id to be priitc~ naturam, ·befides ~he found and good nature oft he bodi ly confi itution hind ring it in its ope– rat ions; fo ti~ne, though otherwife connaturalll:o us, .being from the very binhpoll rited,yet its preternacurall, if you do regard the true and right confl:itution of man, being made a reafonable crearure: yea fiene is not only a difeafe but a monfler ; for as amonfier is the aberration of nature in her naturall operations,by fome i.mpe.diments intervening; fo the – foul of man, wh ich ought to do only that which is accor– ding to true prudence~nd the word of God, being hindered, produccd1 a monfier; fo. that thy pride, thy malice, thy eathes·, thy wantonneffe, are fo many ugly a-nd deformed monfiers: 'lames 1. I 5. the Apofile ,alludcch to this expofi· tion, making the underfl:anding of a man to be like awomb, and luGto be the feed or fpawne, and thcn.at lall actuall finne is brought forth, a5 amonfler begotten of a mans corrupt will, and clie de.v:il together. Oh then, Jet this make thee to abhorre all finne, its the monfier of the foul. The Centaur's · and other. di~~rs fhapen.monfiers fpoken of by Jluets, ~was to reprefent wicl{c:d men. - • 5.., 2. As finne is an.error, becaufe adead notion of the under-. lt perverts 'the fi,nding in its-proper operations; fo its an error, btcaufe its trs 01 JY of a perverting and difortler.ly confMnding ofthe[weet harmrmy a.J§d t e ou •• f ubordin.uiGn that ou-ght to be among the power-J andfactd~ies of the{oH!s themfelves, and their due and proper objtElsWhichthey t end1mto: for now in the foul as in the Heavens, the .upper fphercs carry away the lower in their motions, rhough con· nary to their inclinations; fo the uriderfianding and the . .. -.. -· .. - - . '11 Wl ~,