Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

,A'rl damnAMe Hertftes~ 1S1 man cannot fiH the heart with horror and gall as tile great · God can: break off then thy ungodly wa.ye~, and confider what thou doefi : againfi whom is all this evil committed? Its not an Jdoll God, that having eyes feeth not, or hands fmite not; but that God, whofe wrath, if kindled though but a little, its likea<:oilfuming fire, and thou as fiubble be.. fore it. .- ' ~ ' · , . 2. The ftnner dotherre, in not conftdering ,'What he him[elf u, z. 'Jvho dothJ{nne; a poor marta/Wretch, __that hfltk no af{urance of ~or wh.at he.. hu life,for an hoHr,for a-moment. Why then wtlt thou venture htmfelf ts~.. ' fo defprracely for fuch finfull profit,and fuch finfull pleafures, when it may be God will tl:rike thee dead, and fend thee to hell while thefe quailcs are in thy mouth; while thou ar~ rowling the fweetncffe of thy lulls in thymouth,thou mayeft hear that voice, Thou foel,thu night. thy foulfoall be takJn away ft~m thee, Oh its a wonder, when there is nothing morecer 4 tain and obvious then our rportality, that we fhouJd not con– fider of it more, that it fhould not antidote againfl: finne: 0 ye mortallmen,h~w longWillye love vanity, Pfal+ Oh.thon mortall' tongue, how long wilt thou delight in curfing and. fwearing? Thou mortall body, how long wilt thou be pollu· ted with bruitifil Iufis? Did you remember your lives are· but vapours, that you paffe away as a fhadow,. that your glaffe may be running the _lafi crumme, Oh how wouldft: thou then cry out, I am adying man, Jet me alone, I dare· not finne. lt was Nyj{enl obfervation, Poft Genefin, fiquitur · Exodm; Immediately after our generation or being, there is our departing out of the world; pow this confiderationof mortality, might be very effectuall, efpcci~lly with the great~ . rich, and mighty men of the world, for its 'hard for them to remember they are, duft and afhes : Bot as your Let– ters to . great men, though they have the fuperfc-ribed: Titles of Honourable, great and mighty, yet within, thtre is nothing buta little black ink and fand-dufi; fo – ie is, even with the highefi men in the world, though t~ey have never ' fuch pompous Titles, yet they are ' no– thing but a little black blood ~nd a skin of dufi: covering, ~he~~ !t y;~s apro~~ a~~ ~rroga~~ fa~ ~f Conftantim ~he - . , ~man ;