Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

ll~ Sinnu And tr4n{gn!iorJI Arrian Empero~r, after his great victory over Magmntim the Tyrant in armes againfl: him : He would needs hav.e them ftile him, not his Imperiall Majefiy, but-his Eternity; they did befeech his Eternity: And the Arrian flatter~rs, that would not grant Eternity to Chrift ·the Son of God, yet would attribute that title ro him ; but this Eternity of Con· ftantim did quickly come to an end, fo vain are all mortall things: Oh then pray with the Pfalmift, that God would teach thee to number thy daycs,and this will make theeapply , thy heart to wifedom. 3 . 3· '!hejinn~rdoth notdeeply confider the etcrnityoftorme~t Nor the me~ and mi,fery '\\lhsch muff be for tho/e foort ple11[ures ofjinne ; for 1f nity of Tor· he did weigh this in his heart, we would -think even a legion mem. of devHs could not tempt him to the lean finne. Hence it is the Scripture doth fo often prelfe that argument of un~ quenchable fire, and wormes alwayes gnawing, and cve.rh~ fling chains of darknelfe ; now this bitter pill fwallowed down, would immediarely cure us; he that bath finned, would do fo no more: Oh that they Were Wife, faid God, that _ they would underftand their latur end,Deut.p.19, As the god· ly do _comfortably endure thefe affiidiol)s as light an_d mo· mentany, becaufe of chat evcrlafiing weight ofglo~y, fo the finner would ifduly confidering of it, throw away chofe light and fllorc pleafures of finne, becaufe of t_he eternall weight of mifery and cormeflt that is coming upon them: Go th(n and retire thy fclf, think fad and ferious thoughts~ Oh what _ is Eternity 1etemall cormerm,eternall horrors ! No end, no evafion, after thoufands and choufands of years., fiill as farre from ending as at firfi! and will not fuch lively thoughts as_thefe, m1ke thee immedi:ltely leave all thy finnes andfol· lowCbrift. But who doth believe or confida thefe things; no, not wllile we are preaching of this ufefull and necelfary conGderation! ~; 4· This con!ideration may pour coals of fire upon our Nor Chrifr. heads, and melt an hardefi beaYt, which is fixed upon Chril't, in reference to our finnes~ And two th:ng~ we may obferve from Chri£1:, which may command U3 to fiand Hill, and not ~cp a fiep furtherin finnes way~ As