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guce, one. ihe gredt Exalters 8fGrar:e..J: Chrills Ob~dience, and -Faith are ·confidered atl 8 Come.we now te ffiewwhy the-godly heart thus wound.; ed through finne, will fet up Gods grace in the forgivenelfe thereof, and the Reafons will come from a·twofold ground • From the n:lture-of pardon of fin, andf'rom the SubjeCl wh~ is fo fadly affetl:ed : Let us confider the firft ar this time ; and pardonJl\Ufl: needs be precious to the troubled repenting foul, :j'; "Firft, Becaufe ofthe·proper a11d fnitahle fitnef{e that uin it, .From tile ·fu- to tak! a"PPaJ tJHr grief: It's only the fit remedy to a wound– tableneffe of cd confcicnce ; ·When David P [11. 3 2. had all wit bin confu· ,pardon. med away througMin, what is that whkh he looketh upon , as a"bleffe<hbing, but the ·covering offin, the not imputing of jin? Oh there is nothing.in the world can give eafe to abro· ken heart but this forgiveneffeJ fhould you profer it all the glory, aU the rfches and profits of the world, they wou Id be accounted nothing, oh give me reft for my foul in Chrilt. No wonder then if the gracious heart fenfibie of the want of this great privilcdge and mercy, be in praier and agonies often, mindcs and regards not his Wife, Children, ·Houfes, or great eO:ates; A,las, thefe comforts are not the proper cure ' for their difeafe; As you fee aman with the exquifice torment of the gout, it"s aodine clothes, or a fofc 'bed , that can give him any eafe from that torture he h1lth, fo neither when thou crycft, yea, roareil: out, as David did, through guilt of fin; n·snot th.y honours, thy greatneffe, thy outward pomp,dorh any 'thing avail, but frill thy hurt mnfi be ro.flleffe, and thou wilt cry ou·t, I have no peace till thou art fetled upon - 2.. The fullnc!fe ~fit, Chrifl:. S~condly, Pardon offin muft needs be Welcome lncaufe of the fnlnef{e and perfeElion of it; Its a clcanfiog- away, (o that a man is made as 'White tU fnow; Its a 6lotting ont, Its a cover-. ing •f it: Its fuch ,a taking of it away,that it is no more; yea as ifit had never been~ God dealeth with the forgive~ per- , fon, as if be had never fim:ted: mofl: of the Scripture-exprer-- 6ons do denote the full taking away of the guilt of finne when 'its pardoned: As Chri!l: healed thofe that were difeafed perl fedly, ,hedid not half heal them 1 or imperfed:ly: !hus whc.n -- ' · -, - -- -- · · - God