Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

. lsr.e damnahle Htrejies. believe :. 1 deftre to k.p~w nothing 6ut Chrift crucified, 1 Cor.2~~ ~nd 2gain, Godforbid, that I foouldglory inanJ thing, fave itf the cro.f[e of Chrifl.Gal.6. I 4· AndChrifl u made righuoufnef[e, UJi{edom andredemption,! Cor,l. It pleafedGod, that in himall fu/ln;f[e jbaulddwell,Col.I.I~. This is thegoodSa.mari~a~,that ·VJ·ill not paJ[e by, but pour oyl tnto t~e Woundedfoul. Thts ts the Ark, in whom men are fafe, while the floods of Gods wrath overwhelrne others. This is the City of refuge; Though the ju!lice of God p.)irfue thee as a MalefaClor, yet here is proteClion; Oh the affections, the\ravifhments, Oh the. longffigs and breatbings that .the wounded heart bath after Chrift: Then is the contrite fpirit taken up witb him, as you fee the Spoufe,the Church iri the Canticlcs, wi~h Chrift her beloved, the chiefeft'~f ten thou{ands. . _ Laftly) When w~ fay, The affiided Spirit through the fenfe 3·. , of that depth of corruption in it felf, doth highly efteem The Infiru-· the grace of God in reverfion, this is alfo neceifarily implie.d, mentaH caufe. that it exdlt faith, ana[et it up-, thatgr~ceabo'Ve all others' not that faith bath any dignity more then other graces, but becaufe i('s the inftrument to laJ hold on Chrift, by that alone we ~ceive forgiveneffe offin,Acc 1 26.By that Chrift dwelleth itc BHr he~:rt, Eph.3. By f~ith we partak! fJj the fatnef{e of the 0• Jive, Rom: I I. This is the hand that receiveth Chrifl the ' Tl:eafure ; This is the month that eats or feedeth on him ; . This is the eye tharbeholding the ~razen Serpent makes us healed of the fting we had tbrou~h fin; This holds out thal! red·colour the Bloud1[Chrift, like R11hab, that the defiroyer may not confume the Beleever with otben, the bloud of the Sacrifices was to be fprinkled with Hyfope, as David Pfa. 5 I. implierh, now the bunch of Hyfope was a poor. and bafe herb' tomparatively,_yet .i~frrum~ntall to a great end_=fo fait~ is a grace that bath n'ot the outward glory and honour, a.s o.. ther grace: have, but ,yet is appointed by God for fo glori· ous a priviledgeu jollification; fo that in faying We are jufiifiedby faith, we do not thereby advance fai.th more then. other graces, only.faith debafeth us more, and giveth all to ' Chrift. We haye laid down this Jntrodutl:ory particular as ~~~~!f~ry, ~~~~\}f~ !~ ~~~~~ ~C! ~~~ ~~~t pa~4~1_1 ~f [ln, Gods . grace, ,. I • •