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2: lt bringeth p.,ea~~~ The grtAt Ex~tlttrs..I{Grait:J: I here is fanrlific~tion. And thus I '/ok I. If '"'e tonfe./Je our - our Jinnn, he u jllitlofHIItoforgiJJe andcleanfe fom All iniquity: So chat the affiicred foul lying under the burden of finful· 11e~e, feting pardon to bring along with it fome power to crucifie.and mortifie it, muft needs pant and hunger after it. · Oh that our heareu, were fo fpiricuall, as to groan undetthis two-fold rdptcft of finne, Tileguilt ofit, and tbefilth of it: , then their fouls would accordingly feek after and pray for thofe two-eminent mercies, jufiification,which removeth th~ guilt, and fantl:ification, which in fome degree fubdueth the filth of finne. The[e are theupper andk:wer JPrings: Thcfe are the two arms of Gods grace receiving the fogJ : Thefe are the two great lights iri the Heaven-of a Chrifi:iaR fool. ·Let men of the world,whofe appetites aredifeafed, long ,for the d·ufr, and the earth of the world, the god-ly heart bath more fpi· rituall and heavenlv defires. 2. Thupardonofftn ,/Jringeth peace '"'ithGed,and~tn admira6le ferenity or tranquillit].upon the '"'hele man. Rom.5. I~ Bting juflifitd, We have pe~~ce 'With God. Oh how terrible and un· fpcakable is ir,to liave God ·our advcrfary ! He-can raifewbat hclliili and black thoughts he plcafeth : He can command a number ofgnawing wormes upon the confciences of men im· tnediately, as he did once of Gr.alhoppers andFrogs. When God did but put forth fome of his terror and majefty ingi– .ving the Law, how mt:tch afraid were all the people?: yea Mo-fes himfelf ex.ceedingly trembled : If therefore God puc forth all his wrath·, who can abide?-Now the guilt offinne, that prcfcntly reprefents God as a provoked enemy, t bat fug. gefieth not,hing but, jufHce and vengeance, whereas pardon; offinne, reprefents God a gracious fat her; _bringt>th ro minde a.H the predous promifes, the fullneffc and (i fficiency of Chrifi, and thereby caufetu acalm)qu iet frame offoul. _This is m_eant by that rt_ft, Chri·fi promtfeth to the Weariedfoul, t-hat !hall cometo him, M 4t; 11.2). The. want of th is peace with God, ye fee what an hell it caufed in Cains and Ju· daffes foul, what torments and wounds did they feel. God was angry, and who can command the .windes and rempdls of. that ~nger to -he flill) . but God alone?. Its no _bo.i.i.1ing of · - -· - - any,,