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The greAt Exalters~rGrJtu: !67: ~~~y peace orfriendfhip wi th the grcatdl in the world·, \vlitle God from Heaven frowneth·on thee.· · · · · : • 3· Where t'budumjing u.,u there. f4,pt.ace,fofr"m that flo":'eth 3-~ JOJ, even unfPeak_ahleJO), /uch M the \\lorld.k!J6Weth nst, ne1ther And Joy. can it enter into thci.r helitrt.r to conceive, Rom. 5. 2• infomuc-h that the Kingdomof Heaven .is faid to confift in joy~ ' as welL u inother things.: ; Yea Gal:). joy.is the fruit oftbe Spirit: . Oh then where a trueand lively faith receiveth th'is pardo11, tllere i't caufeth wonderfull joy and gladne1fe of he:ut. '11t4v id fai th, God had pat more joy intohu heart, then they had'Whm 'ft1ine and·oyl encreafoth;Pfal.4• .This is tbe fpirituaJJ wine, tha t . the Gofpel·gi~ .eth to tliof~ that are fad in h~art,all the_ tv rf d~ ly joy and pleafures are' bu'tt ablaze to thi5: T~e v,tryHeathentoufd.fay, Gaadium eft re.r fevera, rO.J u a [evere .snafo... lidthing. That which wicked men have in their Juffs, its but like the tickl ingof the itchy place, which leaveth mo.re fmart afterwards : What triumphing joy, doth David expre1fe in many Pfalrns, from the fenfe of God5 forgivendfe of his finnes: Indeed, only that man may walk chearfully; . the name of poverty, death, and all outwa~d evils in the .world, cannot or ought not to.affright that man who bath this in· ward joy : Nahal in themidllof all his carnall mirth: at the · very mention of D~vid.r· revengefull refolutionagainfi him, bad hu heilrt turned to .a ftont wlthi.n bi11LJ;. There was no fp,i.. . rituall joy to revive and 1npport him. _ · · 4· where thu cleanjing u received /Jy faith, thtre the heart is ~, in{Jttmed Witb much love, and that·makss all obedience ea lie and 'Arr 4• b 'J• • · . 'J~' 10 muc: · de!ightfim.e. Mar) .Magdnlm that weptfomuch, fbe. c~uld lovetoG, 9 q•. ~ w1pe Chnfis feet wanher rears; whence came that dtll:tl1a- · tionoffuch precious water, but from. the fire of JoY.e kindled in her breafi? and whence was that lovd She lovedmuch, becaufem~Jch -wa.r f"rgiven her, Luk·7·47· Nowwhere the Joye of God doth thus inflame the.foul~ ,there Cbriffs Cemma'i4de· ments are not grievom.Love is like the fpirit in E~ek_iei.r wheels,. that made th~m move fo fwiftly; fo that duJlnefft', Ouggiili" ·neffe and wearifomeneffe is quickly difpelled by Eeavenly love, as the ice is pref-ently d-iffolv-e<f by the Sunn'e beams : ,~~C\1 ·yvh~re ~his loye !~ .kindled, arif!Ilg from9~ds p_ardon, · · . · 'J, 3, then~ -