Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

'1'/Jt gri4t :ExAltirs •fGr4e~: ' ' ' f>llt gaU is given to the forrowfull foul to ~rink: .. In the next place we come to confider, .what reafons t·he~e lte~fons end~ are on the fubjcas part, 'l.li~. tie partydeeply fenfible of has f\lbJc~s P"!· unfcarchable filthineffc ; why he fhould fo a1fc-tHonatcly · defire pardon offinne. And . I· Becau{e its the 1111ture afguilt, if not'rtmc'l!ea/Jy-p;~rdon, I. to eat intc the he~trt 1 Anajjtt it mart and m~re. Ba'Vid, Pfal.3 z, Guilt unpar.. · telletb us, what amifcrable objttl he Wl!, while this guilt of doncd ears in-· finne lay torm~ntingand fcorching ofhim within. · My bonu todt-hfe heart, h h . · h· d H' b h an rets more WAxed old, t rs11g r~~trtng ~tll t. e .aJ long: IS ones, t e and more. -· ftrongdl part about btm, and h1s Vltall moiflure W.u tNrHed. into 'the drDught offummer : Thus you fee, the guilt of inne if, . not taken away, dotb inwardly confume aman: That as aman who is hung up in gibbets to be ftarved to death, if he have IJO food given him, ~e will eat up the fldhof his own atms; and devour his own felf,. if poffible; Thus amao de· fHtute ofGods favour, hungring aftcr .Gods gracc,if be c.an· . not enjoy it, will even dnonr andeat up himfc)f; his fors, his horrors, his defpair, will fwallow him up, as the 'Whaledid 1onAh. As thofc who have the difcafe of the Wolf, ifit have no outward thing applied to'it, to feed upon, it will eat and c.onfume inwardly : fo it is here, if they have not thegrace and mercy of God tO'fupport ami eftablifh them,. they do 1n· wardly pine away. 0h then wonder riot, if the pardon of finne be thus welcome-, for no tongue oane:xpretfc, what the· guilt of finne doth in a troubled confc:ienc.t, how it eateth, , confometh and devournh. ' , · .J. They muft nmi1 look..,sNtforp~trdtn, !JeeaN[t tf tht i11/ujfi~ z: d ency, and impoffi~ilit] th11t u in thcm[tlves to,blot oNt the IMjl Jrom tlte im.: jirme .: Iffo be,tbat upon .finne committcd,the tcars,Gghs and p~ffibilire· for· religiOUS duties Of 3 repenting man, COUJd make fatisfa6lion ~~mam cl~ t O.· to God; and thn the~e .wosl4 prcfcntly wafh him clean; l(;n ~~:._'!, then he need not fo (QlhcatouCly be~ ofGod for.pardon:· but · -- all thcfe are imperfcB, and need forgivenc1fe as well as our· finncs ; our. very prayers, tears and humilia~ion,. they arc fo , foal, that they need cleanfing alfo :· What thtn is lefc fora uoublcd~Rner?. Where is hope eo be had, feting be cannot ~Jeanfe ~t!IJ(elf? on~Jy ia the blood ofCluift.WhenNaaf)'Jan· -- ·- - - --·---- - .. _. ______ _ . ~~~~~~·