Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

,~~·~~ ThegreAt ExalttrsefGr"acu: ·canqot be deanfed by any waters In his owncou~try, ~ough he be unWilling, yet his be ll courfc: is to go and wafh himfelf in ?orJ.~n. ·Though it be againfl our pride, and principles of fclr-futlpelfe withinus, to fenounce all out duties as uncleln,. ' and to,put our trua in Chrifl onely ; yet if ever we will be healed, this way we mull: take. eh the.n wht~t ~iferable com-, forter.t, are all the popijh Cafuifts, Who detain their penitent p~r-. fon, -ina{crupulom and puding confideratirin abo~t hufati&fa-., Etion,andm~rJtoriovt5 Work.!, .ana in the t'IIMn While, direEt hir1U not to Chrift onely t,o be made clean! In .this wilderneffc were all people kept, going backward and forward,finding no true eafc for their fouls, till the light of the Gofpel appeared, which fhewed us the ready way to' Camum. All the while a man is 'kept with puzling dod:rines, to be. his owq Saviour in part, he doth but roll the £tone up the hilt,w~ich immediatly comes down upon him; he labours in vain, the waten come in at one place, as much as he emptieth them out at another. And this impoffibility of ever finding any true ground of comfort fmm chofe p~pifh dod:rines,was the occafion tom:1ke Luther·and others feek out for that evangelicall grace reveal• cd in the Gofpel. It was Pythagorttt his rule, Cor ne edit1, he mt acanibPelt t• thy.felf; but the Gofpd ·prefcribech belie– ving in Chrift for pardon, and that w~ll compofe ~11 the trUu~ ... bles a,_nd tempefts ofthe foul. ' ~ · . 3· Therefore Cloth tbt {ot-tl ajfetled 'With its ftnfulne!fc, fly put Becaufe of the for pardon, becaufe the evil ofjiinze u grraur•both in the nature ghreatr~e 1ffef ~f of it, and in the apprehenjion of 11 godly man, then any tempgra/J t · een o llD> ·t b N h ·f · b · r. 11 ~:. ' · 11 --· - ·· ··~ · ev t-6 can e. ow t en,t tt e 10 natura ,l9r menmcempora neceffities and calamities, to feek out for tempora ll reme· dies and comforts; no rnarvell if fpirituall wum do drive us out more to fpiritutll fupports. The man that lierh tor· mented with great .bodily pa,in, .be cannot ·reil: or Oeep for it, bow doch he cry out for fome eafe? he bids ch i ~ fe rnnt nm, ~nd that fervaRt run toget fome to help: llO\V the trouble of 'COnfcience is far more affiitl:ing, it takes all our ddires and comforts away, a's we fee in David and Job, and therefore t~ey cannot but be more importunate and defirom,tomeet ~1th fpiritaall refrelhments! As the joy of the GofPel is more r then