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(I) ~~~~aaaat~--~---a• .A TREATISE ~ oF -S I N N - E. -SECT.- I. ,Qf the Deceitfulnefs and Guile of· .' · Mans Heart. _SE R Me · I. '!'he Ingredients and:Demonstrations of theVeceitfulnefl,of the Heart. J E 1l B Me 17•9'• The heArt is deeeit{t~!l Above~oU things, tinddef}tratelj wit ... ked, who can know it? • N the former par.t of this Treatife ,, I fi~ifb.; · . cd my Difcourfe concernilllg the ·work of Grace in the hearts of Gods people,. under· . the feveral Notions and Titles it hat~, vi:G. · Regeneration, Santtification, ,c onverfion,&c. Now my W,tent is, to fllcw the contrary o~: oppofite to a\1; . ·- ~ thefe•. •