Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

i oftbeDictltfulllej!ttntlGuileof M~fJsHe4rl~· _ thefe. For although it be a general Rule, that ReC1!4ni:; efl index fui. d- obliqui , Truth at the_fa~e time difcovers iu felf aad tU contrary errour; yet tt ts as general and , known a Rule~ That contraries fet together do more illu. flnte one another. That ehis work may be the better mana.: ged, I fu:1!1 fir.ti: treat on cheDeceitfulncfs ef mans heart in the general, and w~en that is c!early di_fcovercd, then all the particular and pawal hypocrtfies of tt may th~ fooncr be manifeftcd. Come we then to our Text; and for the Coherence of it, know, the Prophet in this Chapter- prophefieth of Ju.– d~ehs Captivity and Calamity: But ilie is_not made a Cap· tive to men , before- ihe had made her felf a Captive to' finne; Other Lords ruled over her, becaufe fo many luffs ruled in her. And the Prophet doth therefore declare . the ciufes of their punifument, that God might be jufti• .fied, and that_in their own Confciences ~ Hence ·ver. I. he faith, Their (innc '"'M 'Written 'With a pen of iron upot~ the t""ble of their he~t_rt. The guilt of their iniquities was.inde-– libly upon their own confdcnces, they could not but be convinced ofit, they c~uld not ~ide ttfromGod. Now the fins that were the caufes of their Judgement, or the vapours that made this thunder and lightening, were feveral: · 1. Idolatry, ver.1,2. . 2. Acarnal confidence in humane firength, forfaking the - Lord; He m4k!th flefo hid arm. And this fin efcarnal confidence is excellently defcribed by the curfed effetls of it, as alfo by the oppofiie grace, trufiing in God, and the b!dfed i.lfue thereof. Upon this the Prophet taketh occafion to go to the toot of aJl wickednefs, and that is in the heart ofa man,which · is the p(i}ifoned fountain .from whence all tbcfe infected ,fireams flow. So that in the Text you have; · t. A .Propofition, The heart is deceitfu/1: And in that ob.. ferve, I. The Subj~ct, the huert, that which is the chief and principal part of a man, tbe fountain of all knowledge,affe– d:ions and refolations:fo as fome Philofo.phers made the bead the chief feat or RA~tropolis of the foul in all her operations 1 r-;· · fo I (