Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

4 I t:Jf 1heJeieitfolnt/fe Atulguilt DfNdns htllrt: is the beginning ofour converfion, when a man comes to be undcceived : Till this deceitfulnelfe of the bean be in part re– moved, there is a great gulf between thee and true repen~ tance. T he IngrediTo open this let us confider firfl, W.hat goeth to make up ' ents of a de- this deceitfulnelfe of the heart, for there arc many ingre~ ceitfull liearr. dients in it. As ' r, · I· It implieth a great depth in every mans heart ·: That as ltimplieth ~ your deep waters are hardly fathomed, men .cannot difcern great depth m what is in the bottom ofchem,fo mans heart bath an abyffe.. h:~:-~ ,mans As God is faid to have his deep things; The deep things ofClod, • faith Paul, I Cor.2.16. and Satan Llis depths, The depths of S"· tan in the Revelation, Rev.z.24 fo m:\n bath his deep things ' alfo, infomuch that no man .can enr be acquainted with his own heart,that doth not fearch deep,dive deep into the fecret 1 things of his foul, oh,men would not fo eafily petfwade them· {elves that they do rctpent, that their wayes pleafe God, that they have good hearts, if they would fearch to the bottom: infomuch that the Scripture prelfeth this as a great and ne– ccffary duty, t9 fearch our hearts,toexamine our[elves. tocom– mMne 'With oHr own he4rts,and that on ourlmls,and to beftii/,P[al. 4·"1· We are to do it moll.exactly, and to take the moft quier: and fitteH: time,for there are thot1fands and thoufands of lafts · ·~ , lye in the bottom ofthe foul tbatdo not appear at firft. ~. 2. It implieth· the crook!Jdnef{e and unevenneJfe -of the he~~rt~ T~ crodoked- Even as the Serpent that goes in a crooked and uneven manneue an· un- , • f: .d .b r. 1_ h h b ,n. h evennef.fe of ner, IS u to emsre 1 Hutle t eH ot er eaJ. soft efield: Gen. she heart. J. t. Thus is it with amans heart, it bath many crooked turn• ings in it: when you would think you were going in away I ' towards God, prefcntly it.hurries afidc to the world, or to Come.lufts; therefore P[al.~8.2.6-_ to the pure and uprigha man,rs oppofed the m.an that 1s o-"ol\to; ftoward,or crooked ·and -therefore ~od is faid to be ftoward 'With [ucb a man; tb: He– brew word fignifies to wraftJe with aman,fo as by art to throw himdown ; and the fa-me word is attributed both toGocl and man, fo that while the deceitfull man doth like the wreCUer turn himfelf this way and that way into many motions and gefturc:s to obtain his end, even as JehHaad the ~h,J'ifce, God ~ on