Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

.ofthtdeceitfolnejfe ttn d.rnlle 1f_M~t1S ht4r#. on th~ other fide will overthrow him, and be -above him j~ all his craft. The hea rt then is deceicfull,becaufe it bath many crooked turning way_es, iometimes toGod,and fometimes eo " -. the worldan~ Satan. . . 3· There is implyed the divers concavitie.r and /ecret 1'ecej[es 3· ofthe heart: That as ·the Labyrinth had many (ecret hollow The diy~rt p!aces and wln~i~gs,?ut ofwhich a~an ~ould neve~ expedite ;~cl[:;:~:~~- 111mfelf; thus 1t ts wtth amans hea r.r,tts l1ke a vafi wt ldernelfe ~effes of the where there is no trodden path or way, like fome deep y~ults hean. · where are many·horrid cells and holes: This the Apofile ex· cellently exprelfeth, Heh.u.4. where Gods word is faid to pierce even to the dividing a/under offoul and[pir:_it, and ofthe joint!andmarrow, and i& adifcerntr ofthe thou~hts and the in· tentJ ofthe heart. How many concavities, fecret lurking holes, wheels within wheels, are here in a mans 'heart? fo that only by the light ofGods word are we ever able to come to thein~ timaand minimathat are in our fouls. . · 4· _To thi& deceitfulnef[e, inconftancy anrlmutabilit) is a great 4; . caufe: The heart ofman is therefore deceitfull, becaufe it can lnconitancy be fo fudden,lyput into feverall and contrary fhapes;it will hate j:na mutal.">i~ what it loved, it will loath what it defired; it will appear in Jty. fitsasifreally lookin~ towards good, and·then pr~;fently cart offall again; no Polypus, no Camelion bath -more colours then the heart ofa man will have.This vertibility and unfled_:: fafineffe is a grandcaufe of all that guile within us, and die Scripture compares this deceitfulnelfe to a deceitfull bow Hof.7.16. that as the archer fi retching out his bow,and eve~ _ ready to delivtr out the arrow at a mark, at rhe very nick the bow breaks aod all falls upon the archer. Thus it is with , apeople, you would think they_had fet their hearts for God, . they were pitched on him, they were now approaching and , drawing nigh to him, but prefentlyall breaks and falls to the clean contrary. -Hence the Scripture brands every man witb -being a-lyar, Rom.3:4. Every mans heart is a lying beart till it be fanClified, there is no beleeving of it, no trufting ~fit. Now if you w~mld fe~ this down for a principle,0 Lord,how is it with me,how fhall I know wheR I am godly, when I have done myAacy? this.I,oncludcon, that I have to do witha .. } · - · B 3 notorious .~ ' · ' • I I