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_, - , · O{the i/eceiifrJ/ntjttAIIdgui/eo/'I_HanJhet~rt.· 9 differ from it as much as earth from Heaven; Thus,doth a duty require4 godly David humble himfelf upon the Prophets admonition? b~ ~od bf fo doth Ahah. Doth a David finde gladneife ia his faeart by ~~n ~ui j 0 a the word ? fo the temporary believer receives the wor4 with the counterfei~ joy, Matth.13. What(oever the godly do in the truth ~nd ofi~·- - --~ ·reall power of grace, that the hearts even or unregenerate men have fometimcs afaint imitation of: as it w.as with Pha· r11ohs Butler and Baker, they both dreamed,:md their dreames were-very like,infomuch that when rofephinterprcted the But– lers dream, that his. head fhould be lifted up; the Baker he – was encoura~~dand cold his dream alfo, .but ~hat was to fig.. nifie his head: fhould be lifted up, not to Heaven, but difl1oA nour,to be hmged. Thus in Chriflianity both feem to beleeve alike, to repent alike, but the principle,, the manner and the end have a world of ditference: Even as the waters of the fea ' and of the clouds·, though :both are water alike, yet one is ' brac.kifh and fah:, the other fweet; infomu-ch that t~ere is .fcarco any grace which fome unregenerate men are not fa id to have, as to beleeve,to repent, becaufe they have the outward refeniblance of ir, fo that. a~,exc~Hent PlimeB have draw!1_ the .image ofthings_fo lively, that the fpecbtors have almofi been d,eceived~thinking life it fdf to be in them, thus it is with the hypo.crifie and fallhood in ours hearu. · 4• Thi& deftitfulmjJe doth appear, not onlJ in thllt they can do 4· tho(e things th11t are /if<! Grace, hNt they have {uch a{enfc and a And be per– perfw:tfion upon ~hem thAt they~tre indeed the_1/trJ graces. j\nd [waded ~hat oh the VJrofull tragedy tfaat this deceit bath made, men being they are mdeed perfwaded of themfdves,that they have the Spirit ofGod :.md the verygracet~ his graces, when they are nothing but the deceitful! motions · of their own hearts. Did the foolilh Virgins perceive any-de· fed: in themfclves? did they not go out as confidently to meet .:the bridegroom as the wife, Ulttattb 25 ? What did our Sa– .viour.mean by this, but that many Chr-illians· would live and ·.die. w1t~ - ~ confident boldn~ffe that they are going to Chrill: the!r~brtdegroom; and not have ,the leall: thought that they wan~ oyl,~hat th.cy want the main: Oh that this truth might falll1ke l1ve coales of fire into your breafr. · There is ~ delti– fJon,~ fal~c _p~~f.wafi?n uponmofi men~eans:they are a~cCl(d - ··· ., , __ • } ' as , _,