Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

10 ofthe deceit/ulmf[e Andguile ofMttni HeArt. as ifthey were godly,as if they did belong to God,when there is a vafi gulf between them. I do not fpeakthis to unfettle the render and godly heart, thlt ht fhould doubt of his condi· tioo, but 1 to ranfack the prtfumptuous and felf.fbttering heart: Oh it will one day be not as thou thinkefi, as thou fee • le(l,as thou art perfwaded, but as the truth of grace is inde~d in thee. · f. 5. The deceztfulneffe of tbe heatt 11ppears, in that men 'Will ln that men- /eem t'o love and honour tho/e godly men th4t lived in former tz'mes, will Ceem to but now c.tnnot abide thofe that live With thun, though following loveand ho fuch menr fl rps. This i.s a deceit in mans heart : obferve it in :~~ly ~eo~~hat the Pharifees;oh how religiouOy and devoutly do they fpeak: lived in former -Ifwe had lived in the Prophets dayes, we fhould not have kit– times, but can- led <ir fioned them, and therefore-theY. built up famous mo– not abicle ~hofe nur:nents for their memory: yet they kl)led tht: Apoftles who thdt £\r Itve lived in their daies, who walked ih the·ft-eps oft be Pro'phets. :heir fie;~ From thcn~e one of the ~ncients well exhorteth, lfyou hear a !Dan pratfing the anctent Doct:ors and' Teachers of the Church, fee how he is affeCled to his prefent Teachers: Thou · thatcommendeft Pani,Peter,Auftin,Chryfoflom,theiri.eal and courage againfi wickedneffe, if. thou doft not love the prefent zeal and godly fervor of thy Teachers, its from the deceitful– .neffe of ahy heart. The other demonftrations of this guilfull -.. heart I fhatl infifi on the next day. To conclude, Lee this infiruet thee in the fountain and rife '- ofall our calamity, this deceitfull heart is the root ofall thy fpiritualJ evil : therefore thou thinkeft not of repenting or turning to God, therefore our preaching and your hearing _is in vain. As we fay, lrs impoffibleto cure the Church ofRome becaufe ihe bath !ttfum principiurl'!, ihe holds fhe cannot erre; · fo its here; Therefore thou art not perfwaded to change thy lt-ear.t,thy life, becaufe chou arc deceived as if all were well at– ready; OhJfyour hearts were like white black~ as Ariflotle faid the foul was, then we might the more eafily write the tawofGod in your hearts; but it is all over bloacbed and h!otted, There are deflrudive principles in you, againlf which there is no difputing, no preaching till ·God remove the ver.y fundamentall prindp_les.inyou. Begin then witQ this truth, · f I.hav.e