Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

oftht Je(eitft~l11effi 4ndguilt ofMAns ht4rt~ I have beena miferable, blinde, deceived wretch all my life · time, I verily thougbt fuch a way would leade to heaven, my heart told me all was well, I need not be troubled: buc oh how am I confounded, how greatly wa!i I Out of the Wa1J _ till God opcried my eyes. · ' ·······~···~··~ \ ' S .I R M. I I. More Signs -andVemonflrations of the ~.dece'iifulnej]e ~~the Heart. ~, J E It. I7• 9• T~eheArl # f/eceitfoUAGove All1hi11gs) who ct~n k110W it? T Here.remainJurther Signs and Manifelhtions of the de.J i! ,' . c~itfullne(feof mans heart; To which I proceed: And _ . ,Firll, Thi& u apl.tin jignof r·he groj[e hypocrijie 1112d gNil ~fa ' 6• . mans hutrt, that thuugh a ml'ln live ingrojJe an.d notoriom fins That t1~ou~h ' r. · · 11 • h l ./1. d dJ'·l h a man lVCln that ~re con1Cien~1am vauantta, ! at ~t) wa;• e an . e; o.ate t e groife fins, yet . CQn{ct,enterJCt he hopesfor falvatton: You would thtnk that DO he hopes for . fnch mad delufion could enter in a mans heart; let what is falvation. mo.re frequent .then tbis impofiure over the whple Church? Be not dettived (faith Pa11l) neither ~rdultere_rs nor unrighteom perfons foalt inherit the K i11gdomof Heaven. Obfcrve that eau- , tion~ Be not deceive~. This fuppofeth that they were very ape to delude thei~own fouh, thinking they mi.ght be f:tved,not– w.ithfianding the commiffion9f chofe notorious fins, and oh howmany do drink ·down this fweet poifon! ifnot, how .could fo much wickedneffe and ungodlindfe -be found amongft Chritlians !··,or if any one Cinner be quefiioned in this point, whether he hope to be faved, he will without any fcn1ple anC 2 twer • 'I ••