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·(J[tht deceiifutneffe 41'idgnilt of M llns ht4rt~ J·J ~ethinks hi'mfelf to be, and one diy it wiiJ appear fo: Thus' the Apo!HeJam. 1.26. If any man[eem tobe religiot-u,.andbrid~ leth not his tongue, he..deceiveth himfelf, :megr..o;:ge1, he puts a· falfe Syllog.ifm upon htmfdf, he takes mm cau[11 procaufa, He thinks R(ligion in the feeming appearance of it is enough .: , So w'e may make _that of the Apofile an univcrfall Propofi... tion, If an!f manfecm to he religiom, andbridleth not his tongue, ' bis eyes, cfpecially his heart and affeClions from all manner of Jafis and irnpieties, this mans Religion is a meer deceit and fnare to him ,: This is·a dangerous arid an uriiverfall deccitfull– ndfe·; therefore the Apoftle James in that generall _Epifile of his, fpends a great part induJ.l:rioufly to fhcw, that .that faith– isa dead faith, and he is but anin man that cannot demon..– ftrare the profcffion of his faith by the fruits of a godly life. Chrifi was not fatisfied to fee leavcs upot:a the figtrce, .he look– ed fpr fruit, and bccaufe that w.as wanting, he curfed it with that heavy cu.rfe, Never fruit to-growmore of it. Come ·then ~qut of all thy difguifes, thou art a childe of the.devil, and . in the ftate of gall and bitternelfe, though with Sim6n .!~fagm thou ·makeft a·profdlion of thy faith and art,baptized; and ·obferve why Simon UUagmw.as fo, bccaufe hu he~rt \\la~ not right \\lit·hin him, Atl. 8. 13. He. did not think fo, or p,cr.. perceive-~; till Peter told him, .and then he pray~th for pu.. · don ·: Thou therefore t'hat dofi ·not Jive in duties. according · to Chrifiian privifedges, lay o!f thy counterfeit drelfes, God knoweth thee; Jc•s here, as whe.n the Kings'Wife-went dif ... guifed tQEiifoa ~hePr-ophet, while fh~ was ·entririg ,in~at.tlie door; Come in thou Wife of ?eroboam faith he; It was no . :hiding from C:he"Prophet or thet1ord :·and thus ·may thy,own heart fay, Come thou hypocrite, ·chou falfe heart, bewa ~l thy guile, tpou dofi mock God and mari)i cis in vai-n to cover any thing from God. . · · '3; The .deceitfulmffe"-of tbc.·hf.art:'llifp..eareth in thft[i fr t;queff,t "Th ,hg, .J · d f · · h · · · .r. l. . · h e earts den· anamrrnycomman s_ to'}ear:c ·tt, .to trt}''tt; .to 1ran 1 acl(.,. tnto t e ceitful ffc' •.- very hottomof it: Now if the heart were plain and open; if pears i~~h~f!_ l t ha.d ·no d·epth~, no·.fecret windi'ngs, what need all eh is, you many corn· · ·are commanded to make a private fearch as for t-hee ves and mands to . f11ics in your own brea1ls: :How..ofc.en is· that S.xhortation fcar.ch and · " · · - · _ ' try.J.t •. · C l i.Jet ;l • / I '