Burgess - BT715 B85 1654

; J4'· 'ofth4(/eteit(ulnefft ant/ g~lle 8/ Mans he4rt. -L~t Uifi4rch andtry Mr W.~tiet, -E-X-;tmim- and-·pr~ve '}oNr o_wn {elves: .As the Artificer i~ tarefuU to bring his gold to the. , touchflone, to fee .whether good or bad, yea Ph#.4. Com· mune Withyour own hearts uponJOHr bed1, and be ftiit; digge ,, into them, fome tranihte, fwee.p them diligently, others; as . the woman took acan~t~ and fwqpc the houfe for her loll: groat; Oh the lulls, the corruptions of thy heart, do not at the fidl, fecond, or third fearch appear, Thy luft may lie in thy heart, as Achans"Wedge ofGold, covered in the earth, and . bid among other fi:uffe, thou maifi: live forty _c;>r threefcore years, and yet bea great fi.ranger t(),thy own. heart~ not know .what fins lie there, what corrupdoQS·· pre~ail over thee, and th~refore the Scripture as the· firij initiaJI and preparative ,work .o( all command~ to Search our hearts, yea, we mull take fit times, an.d be fiill, with much meditation and quiecneffe make a fHuEiny and feuch·into our hearts, that tbofe fnakes and worms which.lie ·under-ground ma:y be broQ_ght to light. ,Rut how is this'duty negl:etled 1 the .very Papifis will rife up at .judgement and condemn us, who have hours on purpofe .appointed them for this examination and fcarch of the heart: and SWare.~ a I efuice faid,he more pri4ed that time,c~en al.l the other wherein he handled thofe v.oluminou,s Comroverfies: the truth is, · fi:udyingyour. hearrs;ftar~hi1;1g i~to yo}:tr htaris, difputing ,with them, is the moll pro.fitaJ>l~ and advancagious ftudy that can be: Oh that you wo.uldJead tbc;>fe p~>Oks more, t~at .you would undcrlland cbe fente and mea.r~in_g ·of your hearts,r .this. w0u.ld quickly.' ma~e ~ou .a (c.hq{ar in Chrills iftb9tJI'. L ( ; , ! - " ' ~ ' • . . . . . . To underfiand the·motions ~of the Heaveqs a•nd .not oftby own heart; to know the natures and operations of Herbs and Plants, and not of:Chy own fool; to meafure the dirnenfions ofbodies,and not the depth and length and bredth:ofthy own heatc;ls bt.1t a .barren.lmpMed~e. ·V\\~1n.ay f:ay,, .P,hyQ~i~n heal thy felf, Afi.ronetiler q1eafur~·ehy <>:wn bean; .PhHo.fophcr un· 9. . derfiand thy own1natnre. . In tha:t it is 4· The deceitfulneffe ofiheheart .~tppet;trrth, in tkat it iJ appro.: ,appropriated priated o'nly to God to k._now it. The Angels, th}>fe C1'1\ct cr~a;~:~n~w~~.d ·· rures, are not a~le - to kno·w1what 1s 1n.;t man~ he~rc) n!J~ the , · F :,. ·• devil