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fJ/t!JeaeceJtfolnefe~dgu.ilil./fll~ns he4rt: _ r, ,:Matth. 1 3· Why? becaufe the heart is fo ·corrupt,t~attne pro~ ftc of rhem doth immediatly allure, and fo the decetva.blendfe ' of honours, pf pleafures. Were not the he~rt of: a man thus corrupt, not;bing in the wo,rld could corrupt Jt~ Tfierefor~ the Apoftle fitmes cap.r. mak(i every man to _be intiu~ a~d led 11jide hy the lu(/ in hu 9WH 11e~~rt. lnticcd,that ts,as the brrd Js ~r ceived 'by the bait, and fees not the net. Yea_the Apo e makes not the devil to be the caufe of our finne, mu~h leffe God were it not that the lulls ofam~ns own heart do.firft deceive; fo that the devil himfeJ.f coQid not deceiye ~bee; nor all alluring objects, but that thy own heart betrayeth thee -: . Even as in fome invincible thong holds; the et'lemy cou~d n~ ver furprize them,did not fome treacherous perfons withtn drf.. , cover the weakneffe thereof. . · 1 .• ·• . 1 $ L~flly, This ~eceitfulHej{e of h:~trt u fe(n,in lln, ~t~iv,e fe.nfo, to The h~a;t 11 .. tlewve others. Ftrft, Even God hzm[eif, It would deccuve 1f pof· b urSto de- ~ fi~Ie by all that mock rcligion,and mock devotion it bath ; by ,:ive other~. all thofe fpecious and fair prete~ccs it hat h. 'Be no.t deceived, 1. God~ faich the Apofile,God is not mock.§d,Gal.6.7, Men through hy; · pocrifie and fair pr~tences do wbat fyes in them to mock and , even deceive God hi_mfdf. And. then in-ren,eEl o+othon, the 0 h ffi . Jr 'J :.• t er;. dectitfulne e of the heart lRPearcth, in all than faHhood,ly- ~ng, diffimulation of love, and. refpetl, and intended goo£(, when no~bing but ~enome and ma!ic~ is in the ~cut. David makesa (a~COI'!Jplamt,P/ai.I5· Hely1tordfor th(go'oaandgodly man peri/heth,there uno truth amongmen. Thebell is a.n hy· pocrite,faid the Praphct Efa.J; and _anotber Prophet, Keep thJ fecrets fiom the very 'Wife in thy uojome': fo that ifyou Jook only ro converfe amongfi men, fu<:h are the -lycs, equivoc~tion~ c?fenings and over·reach~ngs, that we may fa~, Tr~,t~ js banr1hed the world,and upr1ghcneffe bath Jeft the earth. Ufe of_I~~ru~ion, : Tkflt : o'!~ r»~it~,.f¥of the·'W!Kd if Goa,anl. preS(}hs•g-,u to difcover tlmdefett~ll pe4r.t.Jts t() D:~ake us know our fdves; comp~red therefore' to .agl'~lfe, that w(ill 1hewa d~formed ma~· aiJ hjs unlov~Iineffe,_ .iln-~~his is~ glalf(, not to th~ ~ace b.u_t . tll~ ~.eye; - ~11 tb,ofc li~~d~n~ ~.,_ckJ.lDkllC:Wn lufi&. mLy thtr~ ~c-bro~g~~ t.o hg~t. And t~e M·q~lhy t~ac is,(om~ panedrJe h~ht; as dieSunbeams 'difcover thofe many thoa• - l> z: _ :fandt "> ..