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• ft> (JI the dtceitfulneffi andguile of iJAns ht~trt; lo , 'J 13• S.Th'at under Gods judganent.r,underiJNlV) preJ{ureJanJ:mlfe: And that un• ries, then it cryts out to God,then it Wilt t/Wn ftnne no loHgtr; then ~r. ~Geds God u rightecmand thtJhavefinned; lutno{smeruthero-doff roogeri?lintSa the hac~(., hut their hypocrijie doth appMr. This was the ernt: ma~wd ~~~ deccitfnlndfe in the I{r~telitu, fo~ whicb God doth fo -often ~~a~ f~on ~s complain: This made one of the Ancients compare them to the rod is re- Grafhoppers,that leap up towards Heaven,and then fnddenly moved .their fall down to the ground. The Prophet fa id their righteoufneJ!e hypom1ie ap:- w.u lik! the morHingdew, which though it fall in abundance, p~ars. yet immediatly vanifbeth ; fo then here is a palpable d·if-eove· ry of the hearts deceitfulneffe, that under dangers, in time of Gods judgements, then they feem to be much affected ; then they cry out, the waters ofGods wrath overwhelme them; – l>ut like the mill, whe-n the waters _are diverted or dried up, then they move not at all. Pharaoh,and Aba!J humble them. felves and .fay tbey have finned, but God is righteous, while the fcourge was on them, but afterwards they return to their own temper; Even as the water whic~ is radically cold,though it be heated,yet iftaken from the fire goes to its naturall -coJd • ncffe,- yea as Ariftot le faith, it's colder then ever it was: Thus – many people-in mortall difeafes, when there feems to be the approaches of death ; then they cry out, oh pray for them. o-h comfort them; then they will confeffc and bcwaile fuch foul tins they-have committ-ed; but when recovered and the feu of death is over,then they return to their former wickcd– neffc with greater deligh-t. Oh then that men were a.pprchen.; five .of this,. that they would cry out, Ob where are thofe re· · folutions, thofe yows th3t were upon me, in·fuch agonies, in ~-eh fireigbts! ~h what were my thoughts and purpofes then !' but this d~ctitfulndfc of heart undoeth me. · - I-1• · The nimthdi[cGVf'T.} ~f the he~rts deceitfulmf{i,. u in apajflve ln that lawful fen/f,thm: Th~~t ~dl thole lawful[ co'f.l'fort f and oh;e£ls WhichGod ' £E>mfom and b11tb appt>inted to he injfruments of hu glory and honour ,and if cnr enjoymcms .. exercife ingodlint{[e, §lo tempt the htart ajide and lMde it fiWaJ · leade the hean from God; fo l hai ~ic'hes, ~onours1p!eafures,a/Ithe comforts in the , ~aJ from ary WtJrtd,do inticeandfeduce the hea~·tfromGod. The heart is like · 10°the~~~~- ~inder, that is te~dy to take ~very fpark o~fire thatfaJis ~pon . p~inttd ~fe., t•t: thus the Scrtp~ure calls Jt,. The decezvablenejJe of rzchn, • I Miltth.I3·