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oftht:Jeceitjuliuffe.anqg~lle of J.!ttns h't~te' ~U' well worth ihe infilling upon, to fhew tlfe unfearchable hy ~ ·pocrifie, and.hidden deceitfulneffe that the heart ofmanbath · about finne; to~o it, and yet fo to carry it ·as if he did not finne: If there could b~ a w~y fpund o·ut to make.tinne no · finne, .or that finne fhould not be damnable,this would great• ly content him; but that being impoffible~he labours what be. can to delude his own heart, and to covedin in his own foul . while he commits finne. - Andfirfi', Hu deceitfulneffeaboHtji~ncdothappe~tr, lnthd·t 'i~ . he 'Will bribe hu Hndtrjlandi;~g to do ~hat it can to juftifie.finne, In bribing .the · to make it to be no finne, but very,Iawfull and neceffuy, under~aodtng When God reproved ronllbfor his finfull frowardneffe, he retO JUihfie !in. 'plies, Do J. not "Well to be angry ? }'onah. 49· He pleadeth for · his vice as,avirtue. Thps the Jfr"'tlires had many arguJDents · for their Idolatry, efpcc~ally they plead the abundance and.. , · plenty they had, ever fint~ they offered t~ the f2.!!ltf4 ofHeaven, but fmce they left that they were purfued with all cala– mities,!er.44·I7,18. Oh the hypocri!ie ofth~ heart~ that can ~ finde out arguments to jufli6e fin, a':Jd make their tranfgre!fJo. ens duties. Thus the Pharifecs,tbey plead againll Chrifi, out . ofScrip.ture ;-and Chrifl: informeth.us, men fuould think they .• did God fervice rohn I6.z. by killing the godly that beli,eve . in Chrifi. And Petulfaithofhimf(lf on'ce, that be thought he 'W~U bound to do "What he did, viz. in perfecuting the· Saints, . Jpd compelling ofthem to blafpbeme; and from hence c9mes · that defpc:r~te wickednefs and.ipcurablencfs that foJioweth·in . the te-xt, Their ey.e u darkf, ~md then how g-reat u their dark; nefs! Their mindd and underfiandings are- corrupted; they :are ~comePharifecs, tbey pleafe t.he affections, fay what they . fay, deny what they deny• .Thus the Suq is alw-aics inanEclipfe, there .i~ alwaies fome interpofition of one earthly ad- , vantage.orotbu; and t~e~ t~e faculty ~eing diftempered, or, made drpnk, no marvelltf 1t Judge deccttfully. . Oh then be , very jea_lous oftby own heart, Jell it ple~q · for)Baal, left it : ~rguefor ~n: an4while thou couldfi: not imbrace Gn ~sit did, •ppear in its ~gly colours, that ~ut~etlun9~her _drefs upon it,, . ~ndfo, rn~kes tt.l.ov~ly. ·There, ~a ~o to thofe that -ca/i ·e.vi/. '•lqpd) !f9·S ~.!~~!l'td ggodevil~ l,ight., ~ark.,nefs; 11!1§1 4~r.k.,n~{s light., - - - · D 3. ·· Such.·