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tl ·ofiht -irlateit(tJneffi ~Cn~guJle if M Anihe4rl~ ·:~ <"Such is tbe grut deceicfuln!fs af mm ia this m1tter, ~s ifthlt opinion were cru!, Tlut fh anJv.ercue w~re no. realtty, ~ut onely (i:t is fin if amm eh nk ic fo, and vertue ts vertu~tf a m1n apprehend it (o, otherwife n')t. This qttite deftroyetk the Scripture, .and pu\leth -up the very fouodations ofReligi– on. In Popery wlut a loa.d of dUHncl:i.ons are there to main– tain Inuge.w()rlhip,infomuc.h thtt one of' their own Authors f1ith (as Anam1. with him) that he mufl: have ingenium Vlll· de metaphyjict.ml, that can und~rlhnd them all. Take bee! therefore of thy heart, .as the great Sop.Qifler, as the great Juggler, that will ca.fl: a milt before thy eyes~that will raife up a devil in Samuel.t cloches. i. . 2. The deceitfulne[J9fthe heart 'Wijl appeara~oui ji;~, in that 1~ that a n11n a m:fnWill venture upo~e the occaflons and temptations of it; )8t ,wlll ve~~u~~ca- fHIIJ refolvin!. not to commit the fin.. This is a great delufi~n of _ ~~~~ ~f fin, et the ~eart : ~ow .many have fallen mto the brmk of the pttby ··refolve not [ 0 . commg fo mgh tt? To keep off from the temptatiOn of fin IS ,~omrpit it.. fo great a matter, that we arc taught contl:antly to pray a• gainfl: it; and wilt thou live againfl: thy prayers fo prefumptu· oufly ?· Thou prayeft thou m.aiefl not enter into the tempta· tion o.f uncleannefs, lafciviousnefs, drunkermefs ; and wilt thou go into the houfe and the company where it is? Oh wretched and deceived man ! If thou art not llrong enough tQ refufe going into the temptatien, how,when thou art in the .temptation, wilt thou be lhong enough to rcfufe the fin itfelf? . for which is more eafily overcome? If the green twig will , burn, then cartainly the dry will. 7>avid beginneth his firft .verfe of the fidt P[alm, with the bldfednefs of that man, that jlnmneth thecompany of Wickgd men, that will not have to do with them: For the Heathen fa id well, How i& he agood man .that doth not bate had men?Therefore Paul exhorts us to have .no fello~lhip with the workers ofdarknefs, /nit rather ·reprsve Jhem, Ephef.s. We reade in the Jcwilh Law, Exod.u. That .if a man fct an hedge on fire, and that buret a field ofCor.n, he · was to make reftitut1on, though the fire was only in the hedge .at firfl:; and the reafon was, becaufe he was the occafion, it .was hard to llop.the rage of the fir,e afce.rwards. Do not then ;com.enear the .occa(ions, the ~emP-tations.: Thofe men that '"Is------.- ,. came